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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Snow, A Trip To Town, A Finished Quilt

Well, not quite finished—still need to get the binding on but it turned out beautifully, the quilt that is!  As I was getting ready to go to town this morning the outside world was turning a little white.  Huge, gigantic flakes:IMG_2832coming down hard—didn’t last long.  The sun has been shining since lunch time, once again drying the mud.  Vicious cycle—rain, mud, rain, mud! 

To town early to change Nat’s dressings—his incisions look a lot better today than on Sunday, I’m glad—I was a little worried on Sunday. 

Has anyone tried to buy US savings bonds lately???  I’ve always given my nephews and our youngest granddaughter savings bonds for birthdays purchasing those bonds at our local bank.  No longer can you walk into any bank and purchase savings bonds, you must have an online account with Treasury Direct.  When I attempted to open my account and informed the powers that be I didn’t have a first born child to give them the online site refused to “verify” my information.  Seems I now needed to print off some form number “123letskeepallgovernmentworkesemployed” and mail it before my online account could be “verified.”  Isn’t the internet supposed to make things easier???  Sure was easy when I walked into Citizen’s Bank in Big Timber, MT, was greeted by my name and a very pleasant, “what can I do for you today?”  GRRRRR

Michael finished his roller today and yes, Rick, it will take something mighty powerful to pull this thing once it is filled with water!IMG_2834

That’s about it for our day here in Montana.


  1. I'm anxious to see the quilt. They are always so beautiful.

  2. Make sure Emmi's ball is not in the way of that thing......or Emmi either.

  3. Question - since they have now made it almost impossible to buy the bonds, are the kids going to have trouble redeeming them?

  4. It might just be easier to have a son now than to deal with the Feds! What happened to the 'what's your Mother's maiden name' question anyway? Everyone has a Mother - I think!

  5. Nice work with manufacturing that roller. Mike is truly a handyman!!!!

  6. Yes, we were accustomed to giving each of the grankids a savings bond for all their special days.. and a toy.

    My bank informed me as of Jan 2012, you can not buy them from the bank, now you have to start an online account and the child you are buying them for can magically go on line and *see* the little number in a column that you gave them! No more paper bonds, no more pretty envelopes, nothing...

    it's maintained as online account for savings bonds. (yah like we are gonna trust the govnt and computers to track these for the next 20 years and keep it straight?)

    So instead we are writing checks for the kids and letting the parents deposit them into their college accounts. Oh well. At least they still get the TOY!

    Karen and Steve
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