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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another MOHS Procedure

It was raining cats and dogs when I left home this morning just after 8am picking Nat up in town and heading to Billings.  Nat had two more MOHS procedures done today and thankfully neither one was as extensive as the one done two weeks ago.  While Nat was at the dermatologist, I did a tiny bit of shopping—looking for hiking boots—and went to the dentist.  It makes you feel good when your hygienist says, “whatever you are doing, keep it up.”  I had a tooth that had suddenly become VERY cold sensitive and I was fearing the worst—nope, the crown on the tooth just needed a little grinding adjustment—all better now!!

We had lunch at Famous Dave’s and were back in Big Timber by 4pm with me home just before 5pm.  YIPPEE!!  A much better day than two weeks ago!

I enjoy traveling with Nat when is in a storytelling mood.  Today’s story I had heard before but he put in parts I hadn’t heard before.  Now you get to read the story cause nothing much else is going on around here!

When Nat was only 21 and still at home (shortly after this story he entered World War II becoming a gunner on the B29 airplanes in the Pacific) he and a sheep herding dog took 500 head of sheep about 40 miles to summer pasture!!!  By himself except for the dog!!!  It was May, tulips and daffodils were blooming in the yards of Big Timber when here came Nat and his flower eating sheep—he said the ladies were coming out of their houses with brooms, yelling and cursing.  He couldn’t tell if they were yelling at him or the sheep.

Nat said he had an old sleeping bag and had stuffed two sandwiches down inside it before leaving that morning.  A young man from town brought the sleeping bag and sandwiches out to Nat north of town where he bedded the sheep down for the night.  Somehow when no one was watching the dog got one of Nat’s sandwiches—one sandwich probably didn’t go very far in filling up a young man who had walked 10 miles that day!

OK, it is the next day, Nat has nothing to eat that morning and herds those sheep for another long day.  It is dark when he finally gets to the pasture where his Dad is waiting with the man who will stay with the sheep for the summer.  Nat and his Dad start out for town in the old car promptly getting stuck in the mud spending the night in the car.  The owner of the place where Nat and Dad are stuck arrives home in the wee hours of the morning and gets them unstuck.  When they got to town Nat said he ate two huge batches of hotcakes and eggs!!  One sandwich in 48 hours—I bet he did eat a huge breakfast! 

Isn’t that the greatest story??!!  The things young people did in those days just amazes me—would anyone today send their 21 year old son off with a band of 500 sheep all by himself???  Probably not!

Rain this morning, mud and sunshine this afternoon.


  1. excellent story..21 years old....they did what they had to do back then didn't they

  2. HaHa,,it really don't take much to entertain you,,,,,,:-)

  3. Great story - different times for sure!

  4. Having trained my sheltie in herding only FIVE sheep... it boggles my mind when someone needs to move 500 sheep that far! WOWZER!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Nice thing about sheep... or cows for that matter... mostly a lot easier to move 500 than five!

    most 21 years old today... um... "could you take your ear buds out of your ears long enough for me to give you some directions, youngster?"

    or... "you want me to walk... HOW FAR?!!!!! What's wrong with your truck?"

    answer; 500 sheep won't fit in a Chevy! :)

    OOPS... that was kinda mean huh? Bad Cowboy! No Beer!


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