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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Weekend In Montana

Nothing brings on a major spring snowstorm like Easter weekend.  I remember one time when I still owned Cinnabar Creek—it was a busy Easter weekend Saturday morning.  There was a grandmother shopping; in her conversation I picked up how frustrated she was her grandchildren were going to have to hunt Easter eggs in the snow.  An old timer also shopping said, ‘it wouldn’t be Easter around here without a snowstorm!”  And this is a doozy of a snow storm!

We attended a funeral in Big Timber this morning and getting there was a might treacherous!  The work truck Michael purchased last fall has manual hubs meaning you have to get out and manually lock the front wheel hubs.  The truck drives better and gets better gas mileage if the hubs aren’t locked all the time.  On the way to town about the third time I grabbed for the door handle as we were slipping and sliding, Michael stopped, got out and locked the hubs—I didn’t have to say a word!! Smile

IMG_2746The funeral was for a well loved, long time resident of the Boulder Valley and his service was well attended by many friends and neighbors.  Floyd’s wife Phyllis gave a wonderful eulogy for her husband, something I don’t think I could do—it was one of the most wonderful testaments to a great relationship I’ve ever heard. 

IMG_2741Lots of hungry birds in this snowstorm.IMG_2742 Looking back up the East Boulder Valley as we left for town this morning.

IMG_2751Looks like Christmas instead of Easter doesn’t it???

Read on Facebook where Brenda was at least back in Alberta—good job!! 

A pot of spaghetti sauce cooking on the stove, house smells great, we are warm and comfortable.  Should be 50+ degrees on Easter Sunday.


  1. Merry 'hoppy' Easter!..hope you have a sunny day tomorrow!

  2. Eulogies can be difficult to give, but it is a wonderful way to say that final farewell.

  3. Wishing you a Happy Sunny Easter. Here in northern Wisconsin oddly enough the snow is gone. Great day for an egg hunt.

  4. The snow is beautiful! It's likely to melt quickly now...but it does present opportunities to test one's driving skills.


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