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Monday, April 2, 2012

Just A Little Snow

IMG_2720Just a little snow on the ground this morning but the snow came with a nasty bitter wind.  Nasty!  Even Emmi didn’t want to be outside!

IMG_2721Crazy Mountains.  You know we live in windy country—see the log fence on the left and the logs laying on the ground—the wind blows the top rails off that fence in the winter time—has done it several times.

Rene and Jeanette have had a psychotic robin attacking their windows at home in Canada.  Well, I think their bird moved down here below the Medicine Line and brought a friend—we have one beating himself senseless on the bedroom window and another attacking his reflection in the motorhome windows.  What do you do Bird Lady Judy???

Nat came for lunch so I could change his dressings—incisions look good but he still looks as if he has been beaten!

Spent a long time talking to my sweet niece this afternoon—she called to thank me for that Easter present I sent!  She and her husband are caring for a 20 month old foster baby in addition to their own children—they also both have full time jobs—they have their hands full to say the least! 

IMG_2723This downy woodpecker spends a lot of time on my feeder, he is huge! 

Nothing else going on around here today, just the usual vacuuming, laundry, etc.


  1. Oh my.., so beautiful pics. MT is one beautiful State. Stay warm.

  2. Two things...are you sure that isn't a hairy woodpecker? The windows...only cure I know is to cover them up to avoid reflections. If not, you'll have lots of poop to clean off. :P

  3. Same thing happened to us a few years ago. That time it was an Oregon Junko, same type that built a nest in my hanging baskets 2 years ago. Judy is right, if you stop the reflection they will go away.

  4. I certainly hope the weather improves before we get there in June. I'm looking for no wind, no snow and no mosquitoes. Could you please arrange that for me?

  5. Everyone else is getting warm weather in their blogs but us and you guys!

    We had a crazy female cardinal doing that to our window, hitting so hard her beak was leaving marks on the glass!

    Finally I taped a piece of crinkled up tinfoil on the inside of the window for a few days and she left us alone.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Even though it is cold it still is so very beautiful there. I wish we could stop in for a visit again but I am sure we will see you again soon.

    Take Care and missing you two

  7. That woodpecker is a pork chop. Beautiful picture. You have all the signs of spring. Enjoy!

  8. spring will be there soon?..won't it? day was just as fulfilling as yours..laundry, cooking and cleaning!

  9. I was getting a little homesick for the Black Hills, but after seeing your picture of a cold snowy day, I remember why we don't show up until June 1........

  10. You may likely have a Robin that is related to the one who is constantly attacking our window. Ours has not left yet.

    I will be taping black roofing paper to the window today to save the Robin from beating himself up.

    We tried newspaper but that only worked for short time and the rains mushed it up in little time.


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