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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Snow Storms

Thanks John and Brenda for sending that snow down our way!  Cold breeze, clouds and as I type this it is snowing, snowing—big, huge flakes! 

IMG_2808Remember this photo from last night’s blog?  Bird Lady Judy and John were neck and neck with the correct answer.  It is a very rare day in Big Timber, MT when you see a flag hanging this straight with no wind to make it fly.  And until I read comments this morning, I had not noticed the cross—this pole is on private land, belongs to The Fort, a local convenience market/gun shop/souvenir place/gas station that does a booming business—maybe Jeff specifically ordered a pole with a cross.  I’m going to start looking at other flagpoles to see if crosses are common?? 

IMG_2807 Emmi and this guy have a rousing round of chase every morning—at least I assume it is the same bunny—and the rabbit always wins.  The bunny scoots under a log, or under a pile of some of Michael’s treasures.  Or, he (I’m hoping he is a he) darts into the culvert by which he is sitting in the photo. 

Worked on a baby quilt all day and when I finish this blog I’m going downstairs and put the entire quilt together.  Then it’s time to put it on the frame and quilt it. 

Nat came up for lunch and I changed his dressings.  Geez, he has some nasty looking spots where the dermatologist was mean to him!!  Ouch!!  Both ears have biopsy spots so he can’t sleep except on his back--it’s been the recliner for him! 

Michael was a busy man today, he rebuilt the latches for our dump trailer—lots of heavy welding and heavy steel.  I think he’s a little on the tired side!IMG_2821

IMG_2822If you look closely between the two trees on the right of the photo you can see a worried little black dog—her basketball went in the creek!

A very good Sunday!


  1. Oh oh, looks like Emmi will have to take up water polo! :)

  2. I gather you were the ball retriever for Emmi.

    How nice of Brenda and BJ to send that nasty Calgary snowy weather down your way. When it all melts though it will pass nicely through your creeks....and sound really nice too.

  3. Please, please keep the snow out west. We don't need it out here. After all the forsythia is starting to bloom here.

  4. Poor Emmi, I hope someone gets her ball for her.

  5. When Mother had a sore on her ear and a friend of mine had a biospy on her ear we made them an ear donut (yep just like one you sit on but only smaller) We took foam rubber and cut a hole in the center and then wrapped it with satin material or ribbon. You can make it as thick or this as you want and can fit the ear hole too. Hope Nat's ears get better sooner.

    Vickie Ewing Sipes
    Sheridan, AR

  6. That's what neighbours do, SHARE!

  7. how neighbourly of JB and Brenda to share their lovely white stuff with you!!..hope Emmi managed to get her ball back!..Tucker would have been down the hill like a shot!!! the are the lucky winner of the book if you still want it!

  8. Emmi looks very worried in that picture! I'm sure she got her basketball back though!


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