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Monday, April 16, 2012

I Won!

Sue from Big Dawg and Freeway in a blog a while back talked about a book she was reading, The Art Of Racing In The Rain.  After reading Sue’s original post about the book I ordered it used from  Amazon canceled the order as the book wasn’t available anymore from the seller and I never got around to re-ordering from a different seller.  Yesterday she had a little contest to send the book on to another home and I won!!! It’s been a long time since I won anything—a good start to my day! Thanks Sue!!

Sunshine and warmer temps today, all the snow (about an inch) we got last night melted quickly and the mud even dried some.  Emmi and I were able to have a good game of basketball this afternoon.  This morning’s basketball game left her so dirty and muddy it was straight to the sink and time for a bath.  Poor Emmi!

Laundry, sheet changing, folding laundry, cooking lunch, cooking supper—Nat sometimes says to me as he watches me scurry around, “A woman’s work is never done.”  That’s what I felt like today!

I did manage to get my quilt loaded and some quilting done.  My thread kept breaking and breaking some more—there are days like that!!  Finally gave up, came upstairs and made supper—tomorrow will be another day!

Michael worked on his newest invention—the man never ceases to amaze me—if he wants something he just builds it.  He has been working building a roller—a round steel cylinder closed on both ends which you fill with water and roll over the ground to make it nice and flat after digging or plowing for seeding.  The thing is huge, 2 feet in diameter and 6 1/2 feet long made out of 1/2 inch steel.  Might be a bit heavy, do you think??


And that’s all here in Montana.


  1. you are most welcome..hope you enjoy it..speaking of which I better get it wrapped up and into the mail!

  2. Congrats and enjoy the book. Since it is going to be almost 100 down here later this week, I think I'm wishing and hoping we were in Montana.

  3. Hope you enjoy the book, I did. Merle's door is a good dog book as well. Author is Ted Kerasote. Read your blog daily, am also a nurse and quilter. Love seeing your finished products. We are going out in our RV in a couple weeks, going to do some of th National Parks in Calif this time.

  4. I sure hope Mike is planning on pulling that roller with a tractor!!

  5. I like the way the light hits the tip of the peak in your photo!

  6. Congratulations and enjoy the book!! Montana is just an awesome the pic!
    I have enjoyed reading and catching up with your blog!!

  7. butterbean carpenterApril 22, 2012 at 2:30 PM

    Howdy J&M,
    Mike, you'll never get it heavy enuff to flatten those peaks, so you can plant hay or grain!!! Janna, go to and watch Zeke 'play basketball'..
    It's hilarious!!! Maybe you can make one of Emmi playing 'ball'... Hope Nat's ears heal up well.. Both of my brothers have had numerous operations; Jerry over a hundred and Pat almost that many, his are deeper ones...I'm the 'darky' in the family and haven't had any... They're the purty ones!!!


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