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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We Are In Zion Or At Least Close Enough

Did my alarm really go off at 3:30am????  Yep, I’m afraid so.  As I was going to bed last night I thought to myself, why didn’t I spend the night at Jeane’s house and save myself a hour of sleep???  But I didn’t and it was a very early morning.  My sweet husband was good enough to get up with me and drive me out to Jill’s where we loaded up all the luggage, hiking boots, backpacks, water bottles, etc. until Jeane’s Prius was groaning!  Off we go.

Almost 14 hours and many giggles later we arrived at the Driftwood Lodge right outside the gates to Zion National Park.  We checked into our great room and headed down to the hotel restaurant for dinner.  Oh, my!  A wonderful, perfect dinner—we all had appetizers as entrees due to the lateness of the hour and a great bottle of wine.

  IMG_2910Jill and Jeane’s dinner—the photo of my entrée was fuzzy but the food was equally as good!

While it was a long, long day of travel the time seemed to go by quickly—laughing at Jeane trying to get a drink from her “free” water bottle which had these weird stopper things which stuck her in the nose every time she tried to drink—that bottle went in the trash.  Jeane and Jill both deciding I was doing the driving through Salt Lake City.  An iffy looking restaurant with really great food for lunch.

A good, good day spent with such good friends!  Here is the view from our hotel windows:


Off on more adventures tomorrow.  OH and the news from home—the Ford F350 is running!!!!!!  Good job husband!


  1. enjoy the 'girls' getaway!!..sounds like it is going to be a fun one!

  2. What the heck is that big pile of food there. Is it a burg, is it a plane? How would one go about eating that. Did it have to be smacked down with a hammer first. Regardless, it looked very yummy to me & the next time we're up that way I'm a goin to git me one of them there things:))

  3. Wow...that's some appetizer. You'll have to do a lot of hiking to walk that off. -). Have FUN!! Hugs......

  4. oh how what fun you are having. Can't wait for more pictures of hmm well maybe some people lol.

    We are new Grandparents Janna. Miss Alle Marie came 5 weeks early. Another beautiful Grand daughter for us.

    Have fun

  5. Great scenery for sure, but what the heck is that on the plate?

  6. You went from one gorgeous landscape to another, just different ends of the spectrum. Have fun!

  7. Pretty darned good looking appetizer - what are the meals like??

    Beautiful view out of your windows!


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