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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sandhills and Packing

This time of year the sandhills are serenading us and today we were able to get some photos of three cranes hanging out in our hayfield.  If I read Bird Lady Judy’s blog correctly these are not the same type of cranes located on the refuge where she is working.



I spent a large portion of my time today packing.  Jeane, Jill and I are leaving tomorrow morning before the crack of dawn heading to Bryce and Zion National Parks.  Do you know how much room hiking boots take in a suitcase???  Boots had to go in the backpack.  We are taking Jeane’s Prius for gas mileage, I may have to ride on the roof if the other ladies have as much stuff as I do!!  I am so ready for this trip and time with girlfriends!

Sue from Big Dawg and Freeway commented yesterday she hoped I got the book she was sending before I left on the trip.  Well, Sue, we live in the boonies!  We are not part of the US postal service money problems.  We save them money here in our neck of the woods.  There are not enough people living in this community year round to justify six day a week mail delivery.  We only get mail on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  So, no, I won’t get the book before I leave, shucks!

Michael spent the day hauling dirt again from one place on the East Boulder to another place on the East Boulder.  And yes, Rene’, Michael likes to play in the dirt!  Mike is leveling a portion of Geoff and Nancy’s yard using dirt from a place they lease a few miles down the road. 

And Emmi played ball.


  1. You know for no more mail that we get here and we live within the city limits they could do that with us. Some days all we get is junk mail. I wish they would charge the companies more for that and then maybe we wouldn't get so much

  2. I hope you will have a really great time. Girlfriend time is the best!!!

  3. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger,,,,they won't even deliver our mail down here at North Ranch in Arizona. They just say,,,No Mail Delevery,,,,,,,,come and get it at the Post Office if you want it..... The PO is 5 miles from us.....
    I wish they would deliver a couple or three days a week....I wish...Have a good trip!!

  4. oh should be waiting for you when you return! it sure sounds like it is coming by stagecoach via pony express!!

  5. Have fun Janna and thanks for your advice. I am going to love my "new to me" Bernina sewing machine. Now, you might be sorry, because I am going to need a LOT of help on my new "adventure". I wish I were going hiking with sounds like lots of fun. Travel safe and take lots of pictures. Hugs....Pat

  6. Have fun! I am jealous ;-). And you'll be surprised how much room is in a Prius. Al's mom and sister have one and they love it!

  7. Have fun on your trip with your friends. Hope you get nice weather.

  8. That area you will hike is geographically stunning. I'm looking forward to reading about your experience there.

    Too bad you folks live so far away from the coast. I have a bit of dirt to move and it sure would be easier with Mike at the controls of a track hoe or back hoe here.


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