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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

To Work For One Of Us

Michael was off to work (I know, bad word) this morning, traveling over to Lonn’s with the mini-excavator to do some digging leaving Emmi and me to walk by ourselves.  No coyotes this morning only the hairy woodpecker way up in an old dead tree.


To Big Timber for me leaving Ms Emmi home alone.  I had an appointment to get my hair cut—trying out a new stylist in town instead of going all the way to Billings for hair do’s.  I like the way she cut my hair so we shall see.  Purchased a few groceries, visited the quilt store and got some potting soil at the hardware store.

Joined Jill and Kay for lunch at the little coffee shop—it was good, both the food and the conversation. 

Came home to find Ms Emmi had been a bad girl—trash from the bathroom trash cans was in the living room and she had taken one of my pretty, beaded coasters off the table and used it for a chew toy.  When I told her what a bad girl she was you would have thought I was killing her—off she ran with tail tucked to hide from me!  She didn’t stay mad for long—we played ball and made her happy again.

Michael didn’t get home until after 6pm—I think he is a tired dude! 

It was a beautiful day in Montana, rain in the forecast. 


  1. She will show you whose the boss, when you are away. Naughty little girl. (((smile))

  2. She will show you whose the boss, when you are away. Naughty little girl. (((smile))

  3. That'll teach ya,,,leave me home alone will ya........LOL

  4. It's amazing how much trouble they can get into when they don't want to be left behind. But I sure don't have the heart to stay mad at them for very long.

  5. oh poor little Emmi!..maybe she wanted a spa day too!..nothing like a new hair do to make a gal feel so much better!!

  6. Poor Emmi! I'll bet she had fun while you were gone though!

  7. Yup, Duke does the same thing to me. It will be something I touched recently, and he will drag it to the center of the entry rug and leave it lay there. With a little bit of a corner chewed! Be it a book, a knitting project, a cone of yarn or something I just wore. "TAKE THAT--- FOR LEAVING ME HOME ALONE"!!!

    Karen and Steve
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