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Thursday, April 19, 2012


In more ways than one!  Twice a year the medical clinic in Big Timber has a health fair type blood draw.  For $55 you get a complete blood workup such as cholesterol, thyroid level, blood sugar and many other tests—these blood test would cost over $200 any other time of the year.  I try to get in one blood test a year at least at that price.  So, without breakfast we (Mom, Chuck and myself) left the house before 8am this morning.  Got the blood drawn quickly and we were off for breakfast—thank goodness, I’m a breakfast eater and really need food in the morning!

Dropped off the four pair of non-fitting hiking shoes at the hardware store where UPS will pick them up later in the day and send them on their way back to Zappos.  Got an oil filter for the truck for Michael and we were off to Bozeman and Schnee’s.  What a great store with great employees!!  When I told the guy I had a narrow foot, he promptly measured me and then pulled three pair of hiking boots which he thought would fit.  The first pair I tried, a Lowa fit like a glove!!  I’m so excited—boots which fit!   IMG_2840

Off to Wal Mart so Mom and Chuck could get their prescriptions transferred to the Bozeman Wal Mart pharmacy.  We picked up a few groceries then off to Costco.  Got oil for Michael and a few other things.  A healthy lunch at Costco, too. Smile Michael had called while we were in Wal Mart—seems I had left my heavier hiking socks I took for trying with boots at Schnee’s.  We left Bozeman via downtown and Schnee’s grabbing my socks.

We are home, it has rained, sleeted, snowed off and on all day in between periods of sunshine.  Mom is doing laundry, Emmi and I played basketball and Chuck has examined the back of his eyelids.  Michael is off with the big backhoe somewhere—probably at Geoff and Nancy’s. 



  1. Well now that was a busy day for you guys. I know how you feel about narrow feet. I have that problem all the time.

  2. With a view like that, I wouldn't get anything done.

  3. Wow, that view is stunning.

    I don't have narrow feet...or narrow anything else matter of fact!

  4. Clearly a successful trip to Bozeman. I spent about 20 hours there a few years back. Nice city.

  5. you certainly had a busy day...glad you got your boots!! And they fit!!


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