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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lots Of Yard Work

A beautiful day in Montana, perfect for getting out side and doing yard work.  Michael is still working on his rock project around the base of the house—shrubs had to be taken out when he started and today we moved those shrubs around to the backyard.  The poor things have never done well in the front yard, when the snow would slide off the metal roof the shrubs were buried.  The plants were also exposed to the nasty wind all winter long, maybe they will do better in the back yard.

Michael has spent hours and hours researching injectors for our diesel pickup—today he may have found the right ones in Billings.  Not sure why the automobile industry has to make things so complicated these days!


This afternoon I worked in the garden weeding the strawberry patch.  I hope we get some berries this year—Claire gave me the plants last year and they should bear fruit this year.  Claire and Robyn get tons of fruit from their strawberry patch. 

Our Kawasaki mule died today—Michael isn’t sure exactly what is wrong but maybe the transmission died!!!!!  Sure hope not, I’m not sure I can function around here without the mule!

Emmi spent almost the entire day outside chasing the basketball—she is in Michael’s lap now, one pooped little dog.

A great day at home in Montana.

Oh, Bird Lady Judy says my woodpecker is not a Downy but rather a Hairy Woodpecker!  Who thinks up these bird names??Smile


  1. another fine day in the Montana mountains!!!..I see some strawberry jam in your future!!

  2. It's that Spring clean-up that rather abruptly re-focus's we RV'ers from our winter travels...

  3. Hope you can get the 'mule' working, considering you have a pretty darned good mechanic in the house. Sounds like Michael has his hands full though, with a diesel to repair and moving plants and rocks around.

  4. Yard work. I've joined that club as well - good luck!

  5. Haute nichts? Donnerstag?


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