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Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Came Back

IMG_1444 55 degrees on Sunday, 16 this morning and three inches of that powdery white stuff.  Michael sure was glad he took the motorhome to the bottom of our driveway yesterday.

I made four batches of granola before lunch so I wouldn’t have to make any on the road—that should last until we get to Florida.  He can eat eggs or something else if we run out!

This afternoon I played ball with Emmi a couple times—she doesn’t care how cold it is outside.  I cut out two new coats for her today—one from an old Carhart coat Michael had and one from a vest of mine I had in the thrift store bag.  I would have stitched up the vests but I didn’t have any darker colored velcro—will get some when I go to town tomorrow.

But I did make myself a Kindle coverIMG_1454 gotta perfect the design, it is not quite right yet but will work for me.

We are both so ready to get in that motorhome and head out—soon!

IMG_1447 IMG_1452


  1. Can't beat egg salad sandwiches on the road! Sure looks like more than three inches there. Brr!

  2. Those snow pictures sure are lovely tho!!

  3. great snow on the berries!!!..soon you will be heading to warmer places!!!

  4. Great snow pics - especially from over a thousand miles away!


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