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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Funny Emails, Pumps, Two Pounds of Butter

I have weathered the great plains blizzard.  I spent the last two days in and around Amarillo, TX.  Then driving in excess of 900 miles yesterday to get to Laughlin, NV to enjoy the warm weather, and then to wake up and read a blog that says one of my best friends likes GRANOLA!!!!!!!!!!!
If you read about a drowning in the great Colorado River, you will know it is I.  I don't know if I can take it anymore.  If Mike starts wearing flower bouquets on his head and joins the flower children don't tell me!!!!  I want to remember him as a cowboy who wore a cowboy hat and ate meat!!!!!
Lol lol  have a good holiday season, I don't think I will sacrifice myself just cause Mike is eating granola!!!  Have a good holiday season
Take care,

We received the above email this morning and I haven’t stopped laughing all day—every time I think about it I giggle.  Sarge is one of Michael’s best friends from high school days.  Sarge has taken his fifth wheel to Nevada seeking warmer temps than what we are having here in Montana!

Michael worked ALL day long installing in the motorhome one of those pumps he purchased from eBay.  Crawling under the motorhome, crawling out.  We had to strip the bed and remove the mattress.  He then unbolted this huge heavy covering over the engine—not the cover that lifts on hydraulic cylinders but this big, heavy, insulated cover.  When I returned from Livingston and Big Timber with his antifreeze it was dark.  He wanted to at least get the antifreeze back in, start the engine, check for leaks and put that cover back over the engine so critters (mice) couldn’t enter the motorhome.  Well, dang it all—we both had lights and flashlights checking for leaks and I discovered a drip under the motorhome.  Michael once again crawled back under the motorhome—uh, oh—he had tightened a fitting too tight and broken the new pump!!!!  I guess that’s why he bought two of those pumps off eBay!!!  But, a whole day of work down the drain!  Poor Michael!!  IMG_1364

If you look closely at the above photo you can see Michael’s boot sticking out behind the wheel—Emmi kept him company all day and at times seemed to be looking in the tool bag, “OK, Dad, what tool do you need next?” 

I used over two pounds of butter, five eggs and six cups of sugar making cookies.  Two batches of sugar cookies which are still in the refrigerator awaiting the rolling out and cutting process; three batches of oatmeal/chocolate chip/pecan. 

Stopped in at my friend Gemma’s to wish her a happy birthday and drop off cookies before heading over to Livingston.  Remember Gina purchased one of my sewing machines—I wanted to get it all cleaned up and spruced up before taking it south with us.  I took it to the quilt shop over in Livingston—they are a Pfaff dealership and will get it looking spiffy!

Well—that’s about it for our busy day!



  1. too bad about the leak!..dang it!..hopefully tomorrow will be better!!

  2. Mike sure has a lot more patience and endurance than I do. I think I would have better luck with 5 cups of eggs, two pounds of sugar, and enough butter to make it all swim upstream.

  3. These tales make feel a little better about not doing that kind of maintenance myself. Especially, as it looks really cold out there:(

  4. How frustrating to do all of that work and to have to start over again. Sheesh! Good luck with the fix Michael.


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