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Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter Came Back

We were sitting in a cloud bank this morning at 12 degrees and the high temp was only 20—a big change from the last few days.  Even the Emmi girl thought the fire in the downstairs stove felt good.

Pioneer Woman Cheesy Corn Chowder for lunch with a big salad and thankfully almost all those iced sugar cookies are gone!  I was able to show a little restraint today!

Michael got the motorhome turned around facing down the driveway—he’s afraid it might snow and it would be no fun to try and turn that big old thing around with snow on the ground.  We are hoping our weather pattern holds for a couple more weeks with no snow—highly doubtful this time of year!

Quilted some more today—jeez, how do people who have real jobs and work out of their homes do it??  Do they shut the door and threaten anyone disturbing them with their life??  Do they never talk on the phone???  Do they never stop and cook lunch and dinner for spouses???  Do they totally ignore the dog???  I got a lot accomplished but there is still more quilting to be done!

The UPS man and the mailman are loving us these days—I better leave a box of cookies for both of them!  The package we got from Amazon today via the post office was one heavy box—it contained gluten free Pamela’s bread flour and pancake mix in addition to Christmas presents.


Recycled photo, couldn’t even see the mountains all day today.


  1. I always find it easier to resist the cookies when the jar is EMPTY!

  2. I would be frozen in place in those temperatures!

  3. I am glad to see you are enjoying yourself despite the low temperatures;)

  4. the cookies are gone?..too bad I missed them!..nothing like sugar cookies thick with frosting!!

  5. it is bitter cold here also..but no snow so I can live with the cold..its not easy working from home..we had our offices in our home (well attached to)..for 13 years..staff coming and going every day...I found it hard..seemed like we never had privacy even in our 'house area' of the building...but it was all worth it in the that we are retired and our home is once again our home :) have a good week...

  6. Well I just adore the Pioneer Woman and now I have to make that cheesy corn chowder... YUMMO!!! Glad your doing well Janna and maybe you should come on down to Florida and bring some of those yummy cookies with you!!!
    Have fun


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