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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

1750 Miles Later

Yesterday afternoon late we arrived in one of our favorite stopping spots along the route to my family home in Arkansas, McGee Creek State Park in southeastern Oklahoma.  We have stayed there twice before and last night as usual, we were only one of two rigs in the whole park.  The campground sits right on a lake and is far enough out in the country to be very quiet with no lights!  Our idea of heaven!  And nobody trying to steal the jeep!!!! 

IMG_1517None of the sites are pull through so we just picked our favorite site and pulled in unhooking the jeep this morning when it came time to leave.

Kelly from The Bayfield Bunch wanted to know where I was sleeping during the jeep caper—in the bed beside Michael—my hearing is excellent, way too excellent and I sleep with earplugs or I would not get any sleep at all.  I am such a light sleeper my Daddy used to say I could hear an ant crawl across the floor.  I can still hear things such as phones ringing, Michael snoring (if he snores) etc. but I guess I didn’t hear the attempt by the jeep thieves. 

1750 miles later we backed into my sister Ann and her husband Danny’s driveway today.  We’ve been visiting and eating; eating and visiting—what we do best when the family gets together here in Arkansas.  We exchanged belated Christmas gifts and I got to hug those two little great nieces really hard.  IMG_1519There are lots of good cooks in my family!

We are snug in our motorhome, our internet works—we are loving this Millenicom business.  Tomorrow more visiting and playing with the great nieces—their Mom has to work.  Very good to be back in Arkansas again so soon after my November visit. 

And yes, the jeep escapade happened in a park, not boondocking.  A city park with nice pull through spots, electric and water. 


  1. Welcome back to Arkansas.

    I haven't been following your blog long so I didn't realize that you were from Arkansas.

    Best wishes for a safe and happy trip from a fellow Arkansan.

  2. We are also from AR & spent a month there in Sep at Maumelle Park, a corp of engineer park, in LR. We really enjoy that park on the AR River! Be safe & enjoy your visit!

  3. enjoy your time with your sister and your nieces!!..looks like an 'eatin' good time!!

  4. How nice to be in Arkansas with family. You've clearly rolled a few miles! Florida awaits you now.

  5. I bet it is great to be back in your original home state:)

  6. Looks like they really know how to eat well in Arkansas. Enjoy your visit!

  7. butterbean carpenterDecember 29, 2011 at 5:43 PM

    Howdy J&M,

    Michael, why didn't you just slide the window open and DROP'EM WHERE THEY WERE?? I thought you were way to 'safe' with all of the locks & cables, but YOU WERE SMART!!!
    Okies are like that; we Texans call'em 'wetbacks that made it'!!!
    (across the Red River!!!)
    Watch out for all of those Daisy Maes in Arkansas, since yours has already 'caught' you.. THEY'RE
    REALLY GOOD-LOOKING!!! I wasn't that lucky, although I tried!!

  8. Glad you are safe on your way now with family and friends!

    I just think your little Jeep is so cute everyone wants it! LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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