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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Last Trip To Billings

Foggy morning of 16 degrees, chilly and we were off to Billings.  Nat agreed to babysit the Emmi girl and we were pulling out of his driveway just after 9am. 

A quick stop at Wal Mart for some gift cards and gasoline anti-freeze for our Kawasaki mule which hasn’t been starting well then it was on to the hair dresser’s for me.  One last good haircut as Brenda remarked when she left Alberta, before we head south.  I adore my hair dresser, she is a young, ambitious woman just over 30 years old—she does a great job!

Michael had a quick checkup at the doctor’s office where he got a clean bill and we were off to our favorite place for lunch, Jake’s.  Michael had “knife and fork nachos” and I had coconut crusted shrimp—both very good!IMG_2294

Costco was a pre-Christmas mad house and we were glad we only had a couple items to pick up.  A few more errands in Big Timber—bank, post office, tire shop, etc. and we were home—nope we didn’t forget the dog either!

And John, Emmi LOVES her Jolly Ball we bought at Petsmart.  We got a smaller size than Mac and Meg have, gave it to Emmi tonight and she just chased and shook that ball to death.  I don’t think she can destroy that one!

Good to be home and relaxing!  Back to quilting tomorrow!


  1. Glad to Mr Clark got a clean bill of health. Now you know you're getting old when you say that someone over 30 is young. LOL. Not that I'm saying you are old. Just joking with you. Cannot wait to see y'all
    Rollie & Gina

  2. nice to have a hairdresser that you love!!!...enjoy your evening!!

  3. I can't wait to get home next week for another good haircut. I booked my appointment before we left.

    I am glad that ball is working for Emmi so far

    Take Care

  4. I must look for one of those balls for the tucker boy..who incidentally ball CRAZY....I went the other day for my last good haircut...and highlite job...don't know what the heck I'll do when we cross the border...have a super day you sure had a busy one yesterday!! Happy quilting

  5. Time for me to get a haircut too - Christmas is coming. We've got to get one of those balls for our muttzo's!


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