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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Second Pump Install A Success

Michael got right after working on the motorhome after our walk this morning.  Wasn’t the lunar eclipse just spectacular—we got to see the partial as well as the total eclipse before the moon went over the hill. 

All our cables for the various electronic items in the motorhome are nicely organized now, we have a new idea for where to put the TV for more comfortable viewing and the second pump is installed with no leaks or breaks, hurray!! 

I quilted today—when you are doing intense custom quilting it doesn’t seem as if you make much progress in four hours time.  Now that I have the design elements in my head I think the work will go faster!

It was a glorious day weather wise, about 45 degrees, sunny and no wind.  Emmi spent almost the entire day outside playing with her ball.  We enjoyed a lunch of grilled burgers (without buns), oven french fries (white for Michael, sweet potato for me) and peas. 

Two weeks and one day before we head south—yippee!  Now, I just have to get started loading that motorhome!

IMG_1371 A hawk of some kind Judy?? 


If you look closely, you can see the bird high up in the tree to the right.


  1. My take on the bird is a young rough-legged hawk. That dark belly is diagnostic.

    What a great view of the mountains.

    The super trap arrived last night, and by 8:00 this morning three more mice had gone to the happy hunting ground!

  2. The sky here was overcast so when I tried to see the moon it was nowhere in sight. I even got up early for it but it did not take me long to get back into my warm bed.


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