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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another One Of Those Where Did The Day Go

IMG_1465 Congratulations to our friends Jeane and Steve  on the birth of their fourth grandchild, Avery Jade born to Reed and Hillary this morning.

What happened to the day—I thought at the beginning of this week I had loads of time for sewing, finishing packing, cooking, etc.  Yesterday and today have gone by and not much is being accomplished.  I have filled a laundry basket with stuff that needs to go down to the motorhome.

Our weather is due to deteriorate tonight and tomorrow—six to twelve inches of snow, YUCK!  But by Friday sunny and warmer. 

I had an appointment with my nurse practitioner today—I wanted to see if I needed to be on cholesterol lowering meds (nope, she didn’t thing so—YEA) and to get a prescription for a shingles vaccine.    Doctors recommend anyone over the age of 60 receive the vaccine.  When Michael was so sick in 2010 and taking the chemo drugs he received one.  I have read so much about shingles and have so many friends who have suffered from this painful disease—I’m prone to cold sores and having had chicken pox, I thought it best I get vaccinated.  Well, the CDC has lowered the recommended age to anyone 50 years and older, our clinic in Big Timber had the vaccine—so I was the proud recipient of the shingles vaccine today.  The vaccine is expensive and some insurance companies will pay and some won’t.  If mine doesn’t pay I will be out $270! 

Ran a bunch more errands in Big Timber, came home, played ball with Emmi and stitched up a new coat for her.  We had sautéed scallops and steamed spinach for dinner.  After dinner Michael is downstairs loading some more shells for Lonn.

Tomorrow I better get with some sort of program or another??

IMG_1458 My morning breakfast club all lined up on the deck railings.


  1. I think your morning breakfast club is wondering where their food is. What a great view to wake up too! Cannot wait see y'all. Time is flying by for sure. You ask where did the last two days go. I want to know where the whole year went.LOL. Must be having a senior moment.

    Safe travels,
    Rollie & Gina

  2. $270.00 is a small price to pay compared to the pain of shingles. I am going on 6 weeks with shingles and the pain is horrible. I encourage everyone to get the vaccine.
    A lovely group of "chicks" in your breakfast club.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Love your photos... The shot is an excellent idea!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  4. Yup, I was gonna say about fellow RVer Poor Paula getting shingles, but she beat me to it. They had to delay their departure in their motorhome because of it. HUGS to Paula!

    Karen and Steve
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