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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sleigh Building and Quilting

The title about sums up what we both did today.  Emmi played ball.  Lonn came over bringing parts—and by the time he left this afternoon I could recognize pieces of a sleigh.  He and his Dad welded and bent pipes out in the shop all day stopping only for a lunch of spaghetti and caesar salad. 

I finished the Christmas wall hanging and even got the binding sewn onto the quilt.  After finishing my project I loaded my last customer quilt for the year onto the frame.  It is a small quilt, more of a wall hanging but my friend wants custom quilting as she has plans to enter the quilt in a couple shows in Arizona.

The UPS man is going to hate us for the next couple weeks—he made the first of many deliveries today right as Michael was finishing up plowing snow off the driveway. 


Moon coming up over the hills this afternoon.


  1. So where is the picture of the new wall hanging? Inquiring minds want to know and see!

    Sure hope the mousetrap arrives soon as this latest cold front has brought another influx of the little buggers into several of our rigs.

  2. That's a real nice pic of the moon coming up over the hill. Looks like you had a nice relaxing day.

  3. waiting for a pic of the new wall hanging :)...great pics


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