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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday In Montana

The day started out with perfect weather, sunshine and about 40 degrees.  After lunch we lost the sunshine, gained a breeze and the temps dropped a little.

Nat came for lunch, we had beef tenderloin, garlic mashed potatoes and peas.  For dessert we had some of those blessed frosted sugar cookies I keep eating—pretty soon all those cookies will be gone and straight to my hips!!!

Friends Denny and Ellen dropped by for a quick visit this afternoon and in the midst of their visit our granddaughter Laci called.  In this household we rarely answer “unknown number, unknown name” calls which show up on caller ID.  Today I answered it as I thought Sunday was a strange time for any solicitors to be calling—glad I did as it was Laci. 

After lunch and visiting I spent the rest of the day working on Caryl’s quilt.  I am making progress, slowly but surely!   When you start a new row of machine quilting the beginning and ending stitches have to be secured—many quilters, me included, just take several tiny, tiny stitches at the beginning and again at the end to secure those stitches.  Quilt judges at quilt shows sometimes don’t like that method—instead the judges prefer that the beginning and ending threads be knotted and that knot buried in the layers of the quilt—VERY time consuming but that’s what I’m doing on this quilt.  Caryl hopes to enter this quilt in some Arizona quilt shows. 

Michael loaded some of our belongings into the motorhome today—I sorted out some clothes, etc. for him to load.  Here in Montana we can’t load anything that might freeze until the last couple days when we run the electric heat inside the coach.  Two weeks from tomorrow!


  1. Beef tenderloin for lunch sounds really good:) We also rarely answer hidden caller numbers for the same reason.

  2. I missed the picture of the mountains tonight. :(

  3. I don't have your header picture either. Hope the roads stay good for your take off.

  4. you guys sure eat well at lunchtime!!!...picture of the quilt when it's done?

  5. Beef Tenderloin for lunch - sure beats cheese and crackers!!

  6. Beef sounded good and glad your doing well... You must be getting excited loading up the coach!!!
    Have fun

  7. The two weeks to departure in the RV should go by fairly quickly. We plan to follow about 5-6 days later.

  8. we are suppose to be out of here two weeks from tomorrow also Janna :) praying the weather holds for you we can't load the last minute things (things that will freeze) until day of ...we do have the clothing, linens etc all and personal items will be last..on the 26th we are doing the family turkey dinner for everyone..have to find time to de decorate on that day..ughhh the list grows longer :) good luck with the loading and packing ;)


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