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Thursday, December 8, 2011

No Electricity and Going To Billings

Sitting here this morning enjoying my coffee and my fellow bloggers when all of a sudden we have no power, YIKES!  How am I supposed to shower, dry my hair, etc when we have no electricity—we do live out in the country!  Never mind how am I supposed to go on with my day when I wasn’t finished reading blogs???

Called the power company and at 8:30am when they still had no idea what caused the outage, I packed up hair dryer, curling iron, etc. and we headed into Nat’s.  He had electricity and a warm bathroom! 

Once I was ready we left Miss Emmi with Nat and headed off to Billings on some nasty roads to do a little Christmas shopping and to have lunch.  We had a great day and I even got to visit my favorite quilt shop in Billings—Fiberworks.  I purchased some various shades of wool—Paulette has been inspiring me to do more wool stuff and I figure that a 2000 mile plus trip across the US in a motorhome will give me plenty of time for stitching! 

Emmi was glad to see us, Nat had horse shoe pitching buddies coming and off we went for home. 

We picked up some Christmas gifts I had ordered from Costco and let me tell you, Costco outdid themselves—the two people receiving these presents are going to be thrilled!  I can’t wait!

The wind is howling and that’s about it for our day—no photos, I should have taken one of the jeep loaded to the gills when we got home!


  1. sounds like you had a productive day even if it did start out with no electricity!..I am sure that the town of Billings is happy that you boosted the economy!!

  2. You are going to love working with wool...and you can even stitch when the power is out!! :o) Make sure to post pictures as you progress....inquiring minds want to know...take care and enjoy!


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