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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

She Loved It

Geez, it would have been nice if JB and Brenda had kept the blizzard up there in Alberta for a while longer!  At least the foot of snow didn’t materialize and we only got about four more inches.  Not very nice outside today!  But Emmi still loves to play ball.

Well, my friend Caryl received her quilt yesterday and she loved it—couldn’t stop raving about it.  I am very pleased!

Caryl Spinny8  Caryl Spinny2 Caryl Spinny5

Caryl Spinny4

Started packing up the sewing stuff today—I’m not taking much, not near what I usually take—I’m thinking we are going to new country and I may want to do more sightseeing and playing.  Just a few little projects and some wool stitchery for doing while Michael is heading our rig down the road.

After lunch we drove to town for a couple quick errands—roads were not very nice.  This evening we attended the 50th birthday party for Holly, the new owner of the McLeod Bar.  It was fun—lots of friends and neighbors—very good food.  We didn’t stay long, it was very crowded and neither of us is much into loud music and crowds anymore—guess we are getting old.  About 4pm it started snowing again, HARD, and the roads were really not nice.

Miss Emmi was very glad we came home early.


  1. Sorry about the snow, but we needed to get it cleared out of our place for Christmas. Actually our blizzard really turned out to just be a snow sqall, but at 3:00AM blowing snow is no fun for us part-time Arizonians. Yesterday was a beautiful day and I never even got past wearing my vest.

    I never really notice those quilts but this one I like.

  2. Wow that quilt is beautiful. That must have taken some work on your end.

    I am so glad Emmi likes her ball. I know that this is the longest that we have ever kept one for Meggie and Mac.

    Soon you will be leaving and I can't wait to hear about your visit to Florida.

  3. wow as a quilter and lover of quilts I have to say that quilt is gorgeous...what a lot of wonder your friend loved it and raved over it...

  4. great looking quilt..nice three dimensional effect!!!

  5. WOW ~ loved the quilt!!! GREAT pattern. Take care, have fun and Travel safe
    Happy Holiday

  6. Beautiful quilt. Your quilting is awesome.
    Have a safe trip and Merry Christmas.

  7. Agree with all the comments. That is one beautiful 3D quilt. Although I may not notice quilts much this one jumps out. It's vidid! There is no doubt about the amount of work and thought involved in producing this.


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