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Monday, December 5, 2011

Just A Might Chilly

Yep, around here it is just a might chilly as in below zero this morning!  Even the Emmi girl didn’t want to be outside for long!  We took our walk in record time—gotta keep moving or freeze in place!  But we did have sunshine all day!

The RV Goddess had a recipe for lasagna soup today on her blog—I made it for lunch, delicious in spite of the fact I had no spinach or Italian sausage to put in the soup—used hamburger instead of sausage and just left out the spinach.  The soup hit the spot on this cold day.

And, it was a good day to run the self-cleaning feature of the oven.  Those suckers get REALLY hot when in the cleaning cycle but it did help warm the house!  Now my oven is squeaky clean.  When the cleaning cycle finished I made two batches of granola.  My husband has become addicted to it!

Worked on the little Christmas wall hanging—it is adorable!  When the mail came we had two packages—one a little Singer Featherweight I purchased on eBay the other day—it needs a little work but nothing Michael can’t handle.  The other package contained our new Millenicom aircard.  And guess what—it works here at the house!!!  With a external regular antenna on the roof but nothing else!  The speeds are slower than our DSL, but it works!!  We may get a booster and see what happens!

I’m off to indulge myself—my friend Shirley subscribes to a ton of magazines and passes them on to me.  When Mike went down to their house today to look at a project he brought back a huge stack of magazines—I’m excited—doesn’t take much to get me excited does it????

We were successful in getting that Christmas card photo taken last night before our guests arrived—finally!


  1. Oh my! When are you going to get out of there?

  2. burrr it was mild and clear here today..our snow is all gone it was 9C or 50ish F ....we living on the edge for sure..usually we're buried by now...its time for us in stix and bricks to get outta dodge...

  3. a clean oven!! that sounds like a great idea!..I should do that on the weekend..thanks for the reminder!!

  4. Enjoy reading your magazines especially if it's freezing outside!


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