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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It’s Finished, It’s Finished

Just a few moments ago at about 6pm I finished my last customer quilt for the season—I am too tired to go back downstairs and take photos but I will tomorrow, I promise.  It is stunning if I do say so myself, the first time I have ever done that kind of intense custom quilting and my neck and shoulders are telling me so! 

Here’s a couple photos of the other two quilts I finished and sent to Arkansas—one belonging to my Aunt Marg  IMG_1258

Martis B&C detailOne belonging to Marti, my Aunt’s friend and made from a free pattern designed by Judy of The Patchwork Times

Michael was a busy beaver today—he worked on the bear spray barrels and when I went outside about 3:30 to play ball with Emmi I heard the chainsaw up in the pasture.  He cut a LOT of firewood into manageable pieces, hauling it down to the house with the backhoe.  We should have enough wood to last us until we leave and some to warm us when we get home in the spring cause we all know what spring in Montana is like!

He also went to the post office for me this morning mailing Laci in Italy some goodies and my friend Kelly’s Christmas package.  Last night I got a bug and wrapped all our Christmas presents—I just have a couple more that are to be delivered—sure hope it’s soon, Christmas is coming fast!

It was a very productive busy day for both of us.  This afternoon I dragged out the old bread machine which hasn’t been used in years and made a batch of bread using one of the gluten free flour/bread mixes I ordered from  It’s good, really good!  With butter and honey, it’s really good! 

IMG_1405 It has looked this dark and stormy all day.

IMG_1399 John, Emmi is really, really attached to this ball, I think we have created another Meg!!!


  1. She will have a hard time eating that one.

  2. beautiful quilts! have some talented customers! the one with the shades of blue!!!

  3. Wow, you guys where me out. Your quilts are just beautiful, I love them. You have so much talent.

  4. How do you winterize your place and do you leave any heat on?

    Also, what are bear barrels?


  5. Mike beat me the question, but what is a bear spray barrel?

  6. love the quilts!!!!! Great shoulders and neck are always killing me from quilting..I use a computer chair and change positions alot...take care


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