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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lots Of Miles

We are putting lots of miles under our belt today and I’m writing the blog early—we are getting off the interstate system soon and I doubt we have internet tonight.  We just came through Oklahoma City just a while ago—that is one busy city!


Paranoia or cautious—a question I’ve often asked Michael when I see him locking the jeep onto the motorhome.  Not only does he put a lock through the ball hitch mechanism but he also wraps a cable around the jeep bumper and locks this cable to the hitch.  Last night I decided he was just cautious!

At 2am I became aware that Michael was in the living area getting dressed—someone was messing with the jeep—he heard and felt a couple thumps and jerks.  He dressed quickly, grabbed the 44 pistol and headed out the door.  As soon as the door opened who ever it was jumped in their car and roared off.  Needless to say we had a very difficult time getting back to sleep! 

It was a chilly morning while Michael unhooked our utilities; Emmi and I played ball which has been good today as she has slept all day on the couch except for a couple quick potty breaks. 



  1. Egad! I've never had anyone mess with my toad. Were you in a campground or boondocking at Walmart?

  2. Duh. I just noticed you said he unhooked the utilities. That's an awful thing to happen.

  3. I hope that was a once in a lifetime experience and the rest of your trip goes without a hitch.

  4. We started reading your blog (we don't have one) because we liked the name and love visiting Montana. We are retired, travel part time, and live in the OKC area. Wish we had known your trip was taking you this way; we would have loved a quick meet and greet over a cup of coffee. Busy city, but great weather this week! So sorry about your trouble last night...always scary to hear those sounds in the middle of the night.

  5. wow hope that doesn't happen again...sounds like mike sleeps with one ear and eye safe out there!!!!

  6. Geez what a scary nightly experience. Drive safe!

  7. Thank goodness Mike is cautious. We had locks on our tow bars but I don't think we ever had anyone mess with it. Glad it all worked out for you. Be safe.

  8. My brother had a similar thing a couple years ago. He pulled into a rest area to sleep, heard a noice and saw someone behind his toad. However, he didn't notice the strap was off until he stopped down the road to fuel. It was lucky he didn't drive far or it might have come off on it's own. It certainly pays to be cautious and sleep light. Sleeping light is not something I do.

  9. Didn't think about being so far to get to Fl from MT. Thats a long haul. Be safe.

  10. I really liked the part about the 44 pistol.(always be prepared)

  11. Hard to sleep at night after that experience!!..glad it was all fine..darn hoodlums!!

  12. That is what scares me about sleeping in a public place...I never sleep well there.

    Glad Mikel woke or you might be toadless... Hair raising experience, but it could have been a lot worse...Like if Mike had shot the bastard that 44 would have put a hole in him about the size of your ARM!

    I never lock anything, never have, but who wants a dumb ole Silverado!?

    Be Careful .....

  13. WOW that is not good, but it is such a pretty Jeep I can see why they would want it lol. It funny that Emmi didn't alert you to someone being out side your rig.

    Drive safe

  14. Sure glad that nothing happened - theft or shooting! That would have spoiled your holiday! Like Michael, I too tend to be overly cautious and I often lock and secure stuff more than some would deem necessary.

    A saying I once heard states that a lock is what keeps an honest crook honest. A second anti theft device keeps the true crook at bay. Why? Often it's too much work to steal something more complex and time consuming when something else nearby is more easily obtainable.

    Our dually diesel was stolen right from our driveway 14 months ago. It's not a pleasant experience!!!

  15. Had someone try to get a bicycle off our rig in a Walmart Parking lot in Roswell New Mexico about 4 years one time but I had so many cords and cables around those bikes it was like they were locked in an Octopus's death grip. I don't own a gun because I'm afraid I would shoot one of those miserable low lifes!!

  16. Oh my goodness what a fright!

    I think before leaving the rig, I would have first turned on the flood lights on each side of our rig and fired up the rear view camera to chase them off. Never know if they have guns and would shoot back!

    Was this in a campground???

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  17. omigosh! So scary. Where were you parked? I can't imagine someone trying to steal a Toad when the owners are actually right there. how incredibly scary. we don't have a gun but we have wasp spray and a taser. If I don't get them in the eyes I'll drop em flat! whew. Travel safe!

  18. I just read an article on RV safety in a Canadian RV magazine and they recommend that you keep your keys next to your bed and if you hear anything going on, hit the alarm button. Great idea.


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