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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kind Of A Lazy Saturday

Both Montana’s college football teams faced playoff matches today—the University of Montana played the University of Central Arkansas which I attended for a couple years straight out of high school (we won’t talk about how long ago that was).  The poor Arkansas boys couldn’t stand the cold here in Missoula today and were soundly beaten.  Montana State University in Bozeman which Michael attended and from which our granddaughter Katie graduated beat New Hampshire.  Both teams advance to play again next weekend.  Am I a football fan—nope—but Nat and the rest of the family are. 

We didn’t do much at all today—walked the dog twice in the frigid temps—it was 4 degrees when we got up this morning.  I attempted to make my first gluten free pizza crust—I wasn’t impressed but Michael thought it was good.  I didn’t have all the right ingredients and substituted some—maybe next time will be better.

Did some Christmas shopping from my comfy easy chair, I’m almost finished!  We will attempt that Christmas card photo again tomorrow afternoon, hope the wind dies down and the temps warm up just a bit!

Michael’s motorhome heating pump came today—yep, on Saturday, via FedEx Ground which doesn’t usually manage to deliver to us.  Now if the weather warms up and he can install this pump.  His other job today was to reconfigure our Dillon loading press for making bullets to fit some gun Lonn has.  That wasn’t so successful, Dillon managed to send us a wrong part—but Dillon is a great company to deal with, Monday Michael will call and get the right one headed our way.

I decided to work on a little Christmas wall hanging of my own today.  I ordered some additional thread for this year’s last customer quilt and want to wait until the thread arrives before starting that project.  It is fun to finally get to work on something for me—it is a cute, whimsical little wall hanging.

And that’s the extent of our Saturday!


Doesn’t that photo just make you shiver with cold???


  1. If it's 4*, I can't blame you for staying inside!

  2. Glad both Montana's won!! The Wisconsin Badgers are in a playoff right now. We're watching the game, and watching it snow. It is not so cold yet, they say Monday! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  3. Janna,
    I've heard that Dillon is a great company. I've been trying to find a good deal on a used 550B for some time now but I haven't had any success. Luckily my neighbor has been letting me use his old Lee 1000. It makes a good winter hobby.

  4. Oh it looks cold there but it has also been cold here too. We have had the furnace running for two days now and in not supposed to warm up until late next week.

    Take Care


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