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Monday, December 26, 2011

On The Road Again

Man oh man did the wind blow last night, and blow some more!  It was blowing hard when we went to bed but at 2am we were both awake thinking we were in a rolling boat!  Even in some of the Arizona winds I don’t think our coach ever rocked that hard!  In spite of all that we did sleep well in the parking lot of a closed antique car museum in Murdo, South Dakota.  Our little propane heater kept us warm, we enjoyed our dinner of homemade spaghetti, our internet connection was great—what more could we ask for??

We drove 612 miles yesterday and 443 today.  About 4:30pm we were approaching the little town of Concordia, Kansas.  I had read about a city owned park at the airport with free electric and water hookups, dump station on site.  They request you leave a donation which we most certainly will.  It is a cool little spot right beside Hwy 81.  Lots of big old trees and acres of grass for Emmi dog ball playing!  We got a later start this morning and just decided we had driven long enough—parked, took a walk, played ball and ordered a pizza to be delivered—just a might spoiled I would say!

IMG_1506Our spot in the Airport RV Park—it is just a little airstrip, you can see the “control tower” with the searchlights on top just over the top of our RV. 

Onward tomorrow.


  1. sorry to hear it was a windy night!! travels as you continue on your journey!!

  2. Rocking like a boat is not a good thing in an RV. You are definitely covering the miles. Great park at the airport.

  3. You must be glad to be out of the Montana Snow. Now watch out for New Mexico and/or Texas. What is your destination?
    Happy trails!

  4. we packed all day (the last minute things) who the heck knew you would need so much for 5 safe guys...

  5. we are out of here in the morning

  6. Be safe and we hope you don't mind us riding along!!
    Nice camp spot, looks like it is even a pull through> Don't even have to unhook!!

  7. Nice to be on the road with a warm destination in mind for sure. I understand those long driving days well and the desire to just get to where your going at and chill out under a warm sun and tropical breeze:))

  8. Hoping that the winds abate and that you find smooth roads to quiet overnight spots.


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