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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Loading Has Started


I convinced Michael to let me turn the heat on in the motorhome today so I could start loading everything instead of having to load so much at the last minute.  I lost count of how many times I went in and out of the motorhome but tonight my aching bones tell me it was a bunch of trips! 

And, I think we are going to be enjoying a lot of pancakes this winter with chokecherry syrup.  I Googled “jelly that doesn’t jell” today and followed the exact recipe I found on two different websites for re-making the jelly but it’s not looking good again!  GRRRR

Lonn came over just after lunch—he and Michael spent a couple hours re-loading shells for a gun he has—I stay clear when that’s happening, way too much concentration going on!

Emmi spent the day either chasing her ball or staring at the ball willing someone to come along and throw it for her.

On our walk this morning Emmi scared up a flock of these grouse:IMG_1432 IMG_1430

A productive day in Montana except for the dang jelly!



  1. Those must be syrup berries, not jelly berries.

  2. oh Janna I can relate we're loading too and I'm befuddled for sure...I'm suppose to be scratching things off the list and every now and then I think of something so I"m adding to it..ughhh have fun loading

  3. I would just go with the syrup, I'll bet it will disappear just as fast.

  4. Berries which won't jelly? Had a bunch of them this late summer. Put a bunch of them into Wodka. Wodka is red now and yummy. Try that with you chokecherrie

  5. sounds like you had a productive day..up and down the stairs!!!

  6. Chokecherry Syrup? That's get you all puckered up and moving in the morning!


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