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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Valley Of The Gods

Our drive today took us through the Valley of the Gods on a gravel road through some fabulous boondocking country!  The rock formations in Valley of the Gods have whimsical names such as Sitting Hen and Seven Sailors.

IMG_6489  Seven Sailors, does that look like any sailors you ever knew Rollie??

IMG_6507 Sitting Hen, use your imagination!

The entire drive was filled with “oh’s” and “ah’s” and sighs—a spectacular 16 mile drive.

IMG_6496 IMG_6497 Monument Valley off in the distance, a later in the week trip.


The RV park in Bluff, Cadillac Ranch, is a clean, nice little park but just not our cup of tea and Michael spent a couple hours last night looking for a different spot.  Our friend Mike McFall made a comment on last night’s blog, “to0 Bad you didn't get over to Gooseneck Park.”  Well, Mike, are there any other beautiful spots you want to tell us not to miss cause this is one great spot!

Michael came out to Gooseneck State Park this morning, about 20 miles from Bluff while I bathed Emmi and did a load of laundry in that washer that I swore I would never use JoAnn and Doug!!  When he got back we dumped tanks and headed out.  Michael had told me it was awe inspiring but I wasn’t prepared for the beauty—even the drive out here was awesome.

So, tonight we are parked on the edge of a shear cliff dropping 1200 feet to the San Juan River.  There are five “goosenecks” visible here where the river makes a very sharp turn—words just aren’t good enough to describe it!  The wind has been blowing a little making us wonder if we should have parked a little bit farther back from the edge :))).  When I take Emmi out in the dark I better have my bearings or I could be in a world of hurt!  We’ve kept a close eye on her, too! 

We have three other neighbors here and there is plenty of room.  We will see what the weekend brings.

IMG_6457 WAY down below us some rafters had stopped for a break.IMG_6460  IMG_6470 The red circle is our motorhome taken from about a mile away—see, we are way up on the side of that cliff!

IMG_6485 The little community of Mexican Hat is nearby and this is the Mexican Hat.IMG_6486 Doesn’t look like it would take much to dislodge the hat!

It has been such a great day and we are excited to be here in this area surrounded by so much beauty.


  1. We are hoping to include that Monument Valley trip with a 4 Corners trip maybe in the Fall. I have been through Monument Valley before but it was so long ago that memories have faded. Mike recommended the Goose Neck Park to us as well so we will try to make a stop there for sure at some point. We love Utah too. I have always enjoyed the traveling part of RVing far more than the sitting around part of RVing:))

  2. AWESOME pics...makes us want to head West! Be safe in your travels.

  3. Gooseneck is in the top five spots for what your doing.
    If Cali is ever on your list, try Alabama Hills on Whitney portal road out of Lone PIne. Look it up, I think you'll be impressed.

  4. I've seen that view on several blogs over the last year or so. I'd definitely want to stay there if I'm ever in Utah again. :) Wish I would have known about it in 2008.

  5. Another place that gets added to my list. I'm so glad you're making this trip ahead of us. Thanks for all the good info and beautiful pictures.

  6. now every place you have been has been great but this one is the 'tops'!!!..what an awesome place with great views!!..this is definite one we will be adding to our ever growing list!!!

  7. That is some pretty majestic scenery. However, my stomach did flip flops just looking at the picture from where you are parked!! Seriously, it is just beautiful. Hope you have a flashlight for going out after dark (tee-hee).

  8. More fantastic pictures - what a beautiful area!

  9. Great pictures of one of our favorite places!

  10. Glad you made it......I can't come up with much better than that one..

    You feel a million miles fron anywhere, it is so quiet and what a sunrise!!!


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