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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Grocery Store Run

I sure have a knack for living in places far removed from the grocery story!  At home in Montana the nearest grocery store is 22 miles, in Bouse this winter it was a 26 mile drive to a grocery story and now that we are in the Elfrida area, it is 25 miles to Douglas where I chose not to go instead heading over to Sierra Vista—55 miles one way!  Oh, we do have to eat and were all out of things like apples and lettuce, essential when trying to lose weight!

Emmi stayed home all alone, poor baby and has let neither of us out of her sight for long since we got back—no, she isn’t spoiled, not at all!

Michael washed the floor of the trailer in preparation for painting it tomorrow and I sat on the porch reading a book on my Kindle and watching the birds.

Yesterday Jeanie remarked how different the weather had been this winter, colder and no wind.  She just had to say that didn’t she—we had wind today and are supposed to have lots of wind in the next few days.

IMG_6210 Ok, Judy, for days I have thought these little black/white crowned birds were some form of chickadee, today I got out the bird book and found out they are white crowned sparrows.  And they were hanging out with the quail, both the Gambel’s and Scaled.

IMG_6212 Not much else going on in our world today, tomorrow friends from Tombstone are coming over.


  1. have fun shopping!..sounds like our list too!..lettuce, fruit..Doug thinks we are turning into rabbits!

  2. My favorite grocery store in the area is Bisbee. It's a Safeway at the head of the Naco highway. There's a good Vet between there & Naco too if you ever need one. Jimmy's Hot Dogs is close by as well as a brand new Ace Hardware. Have you been to the Shady Dell? It's a vintage RV Trailer park & can be found right next to Bisbee's traffic circle. Just up the road in old Bisbee is the Bisbee Breakfast Club on an old street still in it's original state complete with some old cars hanging around.

  3. Having spent much of the last five years on wildlife refuges, groceries stores are usually miles and miles away. MS Sandhill Crane is the first refuge I've been on where the store is only about 4 miles away. It's been a real treat!

    Good job with the bird book. :)


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