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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Box Canyon Arizona Style

In Montana about 25 bone rattling, teeth jarring miles from the turnoff to our home you reach Box Canyon, a trailhead for entrance into the Absaroka/Beartooth wilderness area.  Today we visited Box Canyon Arizona  style!  IMG_6050-1 It too was reached via several miles of cross desert teeth rattling, bone jarring roads.

Caryl and Jerry offered to lead the way in their TrackerIMG_6038-1 across the desert the “back way.”  We entered BLM land not too far from North Ranch and started cross country.  It was a good thing Jerry was leading—we would have never found our way through all those turns and twists!  The scenery going was just beautiful--IMG_6037 IMG_6041-1 That’s Vulture Peak in the distance.  See how green the desert is becoming? IMG_6044-1 The Hassayampa River flows through Wickenburg and can become a very unruly river during times of rain—we have seen RV’s and cars washed away during one flooding period a few years ago.  Today the river was very tame thank goodness has we drove across it several times to reach Box Canyon.IMG_6046-1 There goes Jerry and Caryl.

IMG_6047-1 Gorgeous area Mike and Pat, you were entirely right!IMG_6051-1  IMG_6055-1 We had a great time and yes, Judy and Emma, Emmi goes along on all these jeep trips!  Jerry and Caryl had company arriving this afternoon so they took off and we stayed and enjoyed our picnic lunch by the river making our way back to Wickenburg via the river bed and Rincon Road. 

It was a great day and life is good. 


  1. That looked like fun and what great desert scenery. Thanks for the tour and great pics!

  2. I haven't been over that river in a few years, but it is dry most of the summer usually...unless the dam folks are releasing water. Guess that's what's happening these days. The desert IS looking green and beautiful~


  3. nothing like getting a 'little mud on the tires' to make the 'jeep happy'!..lovely views at Box Canyon!..thanks for the ride!!

  4. That looks like a place we will need to take our horses next year.

  5. Glad you enjoyed Box Canyon...Now you need to do Round Mountain. You were close to it. Nice view from the top......We are at the rally, booth mostly all set up. My body is still hurtin all over. I wish I was home! Tomorrow is gona be tough, stand in that booth and act like I;m really havin fun...:-(
    I'll live I guess!!! Trying to get off the pain pills. Its tough....

  6. Nice to see the "back roads" of Arizona. :)


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