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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What A Day

After a good night’s sleep in our sleepy little campground we drove into the Petrified Forest National Park about 8am stopping at several overlooks and trails before continuing on to the Painted Desert.  Here is a description of how these logs became petrified:

IMG_6357 The colors in some of the wood were beautifulIMG_6346 IMG_6352 IMG_6391 Then there was the Painted Desert—IMG_6396

But, the best was yet to come.  We drove by Canyon de Chelly several years ago, drove through the Cottonwood Campground and Michael claims I said, “I’m not staying here.”  So, we also didn’t see the Canyon either—I think I was just not into rustic camping at that time—maybe I was a pavement princess!  Boy, did I ever miss out by not seeing the Canyon!!!

Canyon de Chelly is a spiritual place which brought tears to my eyes—Spider Rock was just breathtaking, there is no other word, breathtaking.


IMG_6424 IMG_6423

IMG_6444 There is a slit in the canyon wall in the above photo about centered—that is where White House Ruin sits.

IMG_6442 IMG_6440  And other dwellings beneath ledges on the side of cliffs.

 IMG_6437-1  IMG_6449 These rock formations were along 191 as we left Canyon de Chelly driving across the Indian reservation to Bluff, Utah.

What an incredible day, words can’t describe the grandeur we saw today, it was a perfect day!  I have a ton of photographs but there are only so many you can put in a blog.

Tonight we are parked in a RV park—can you believe it?  Not sure we are staying another night, we may go to the BLM campground nearby.  The park wi-fi is excellent and our Verizon signal is non-existent!!

So, with that said, future blogs may be sporadic if we move and if you are trying to reach me by phone, it ain’t happening while we are in Bluff, UT!!  We did have another excellent meal out—San Juan River Kitchen, Mexican food and really good!


  1. Many years ago, we drove thru the Petrified Forest & the Painted Desert but missed the Canyon...don't even remember seeing the name. Your pics make me want to go back!

  2. All I can say is: Absolutely beautiful! I need to put the painted desert on my to do list. Thanks for the info.

  3. Question- I was looking at 191 and it looks like there's a pretty steep climb before you get to Moab. Have you had any problems with it? Still trying to figure out if that's the way we want to head back. Thanks.


  4. great shots today!..seems to be a popular place!!..enjoy!

  5. Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures. As I read these blogs and look at everyone's pictures, the beauty and diversity of this amazing land fills me with wonder.

  6. Glad you got to see Canyon De Chelly. It certainly is a special place alright. We'll have to catch the Painted Desert on our next trip through the area. Nice to be on the road again eh:))

  7. We felt the same way about the Canyon. Special place.

    I can see we would have also liked the petrified forest.

    We had no cell or verizon either.


  8. Very pretty area, we have stayed in Bluff many times. To Bad you didn't get over to Gooseneck Park. All that is on our usual route home....Travel safe!

  9. Spectacular photos of Canyon de Chelly, you really brought that whole area to life!!

    I've seen the Painted Canyon here in Palm Springs, but after your pics of the Painted Desert, I'd sure like to visit there as well.

  10. You're in one of our very favorite parts of the country. Enjoy!!!!!

  11. Great pictures, this is a must see for us soon.

  12. You owe yourselves the time to drive back to Bluff and get the history of this village. You'll be blown away.
    Last year I chartered a plane in Page and flew the entire route that the "Hole in the Rock" folks took to get from around Beaver< Utah to Bluff, Utah. Mind blowing. Mormon or not.


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