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Friday, April 1, 2011

On To Mesa Verde

After much discussion we decided to head over to Cortez, CO for a visit to Mesa Verde, Colorado.  Friends Angie and Ralph came here several years ago and had a wonderful time.  So we said goodbye to Gooseneck State Park this morning and arrived in Cortez just after lunch. 

We are bounced and jostled to death.  Someone forgot to tell Colorado there was lots of free President Obama money available for fixing roads!  The roads were terrible, dips and bumps, I swear sometimes we were airborne.  The roads in Mexico were better than Highway 41 and 160—and to give Colorado a break, the roads in Utah around Bluff were no better!

  IMG_6529 When we traveled in Mexico everyone told us not to drive at night as the Mexicans allow their animals to free graze along the roads and the possibility of hitting a horse or cow was great!  Saw these sheep along the road and thought we were in Mexico for real.  Through the Navajo Indian reservation there were horses and sheep grazing along the road—dangerous! 

IMG_6526 Scene leaving the Bluff, UT area this morning.

IMG_6527 On the drive out to Gooseneck State Park we noticed the damaged guardrail at this spot and today got a shot of it and the probable reason for the damageIMG_6528 Hope no one was driving by when that huge pile of rocks broke away from overhead!

IMG_6531 The view of Mesa Verde from our front windshield this afternoon.  We are parked in a RV park again A & A Mesa Verde RV Park—not by choice, many of the state parks, USFS campgrounds and boondocking locations around here this time of year are inaccessible due to snow and mud.  So, we will stay here for a couple of days.

When I tried to purchase tickets for the ranger led tour of Cliff House in Mesa Verde National Park I was told we were too early in the season, not doing tours yet.  But the plus to that I was told is that the crowds will be much fewer!  We can handle that!


  1. That rock slide looks really dangerous. Love the picture out your windshield. Great view.

  2. enjoy all the amenities at the RV power water cable internet!..some times you just have to 'rough it'..great windshield shot..that is some view!!!

  3. I like that fewer crowds idea for sure. We have heard good things about Mesa Verde & it's on our list. Would have gone home this year through this area but I was worried about snow in the mountain passes yet. I think it would be great for a September or early October trip. Too bad about the roads. Bad roads seem to be doubly bad for RV's!! At least you guys are getting to see some new territory & to me, that's what it is all about.

  4. Cortez is a nice area, we were there last year. Those rock slides sure looked dangerous. More great scenic pics too!


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