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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birds and Sunsets

We both woke just a little (a lot) sore and not in the mood for any distance walking today.  So Emmi got a shorter walk around the neighborhood this morning which promised to be another warm one! 

When we got back Michael got to work making the irrigation system around this place work—the pinion pines were looking in need of water as well as all the other trees and shrubs.  Most of the irrigation pipes worked and the trees got a well deserved drink.  Tomorrow I am going to take the hose to the non-irrigated stuff. 

A delicious lunch of grilled steak, parmesan potatoes and salad.  After lunch I got out my sewing machine and started putting together a table runner which I cut out probably more than a year ago. 

This afternoon I noticed Michael sitting on the porch and took the tripod and camera out to join him.  It was so enjoyable sitting there in the quiet watching and listening to the birds eat from the feeders and drink from the little fountain Michael fixed today.  Al, those birds could eat you out of house and home!  I took some great photos:

Popcorn for supper while we watched the birds some more—much better than TV.  Emmi is of course out there with us and every so often she takes a run at the birds on the ground scattering them everywhere.

And another spectacular sunsetIMG_6180 IMG_6174


  1. a little piece of heaven..bird watching and the sunsets!!..have a good one!!!

  2. Great that you got that irrigation system going. I looked at that pump, turned a valve or two but couldn't seem to get any water over to the house area. I'm OK at cleaning up stuff but not so good at fixing stuff. Figured that little pond out front just needed a new aquarium pump. You should be seeing some deer too. Did ya see the target shooting range out back just to the right of the chicken pen:)) And did you know there is a water drainage pipe from the washing machine out to that big Cottonwood tree out back. Also a big resevoir further back for collecting water run off from the Swiss Helms. Great little piece of property for sure.

  3. Great photos, something serene about sitting on a porch...
    Fountain, irrigation.... GREAT..



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