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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Goodbyes And Haircuts

Mike and Pat left us just about noon today heading for the Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma.  We will miss their gracious company and are so glad they invited us to stay here on their North Ranch lot.  We didn’t know Mike and Pat very well, only through Gina and Rollie so it has been really good to get to know them better.

 IMG_6036-1 After saying our goodbyes I put Emmi in the shower and gave her a good bath, cooked lunch while I waited for her to dry then she got a really good haircut—she looks like a schnauzer again!

Michael continues to search for the elusive extra wires he wants to use for trailer brakes.  The manual says the wires are in the coach but he can’t find them.  He did leave a question on the Country Coach forum and those guys provided him with some new leads.

We took a drive out to Jerry and Caryl’s this afternoon but didn’t find them at home.  On the way back to North Ranch I called them, they were leaving the shooting range and would meet us at North Ranch.  We took advantage of Mike and Pat’s screened porch and had a nice chat.  Tomorrow they are going to lead us to a place Mike and Pat told us about, Box Canyon—Jerry and Caryl have a little Tracker.

We are all tucked in for the night planning to watch a movie.

IMG_1676 The restaurant where we had a great dinner last night—the owner is from England, owned a restaurant in New York called Nichols East, came out west and decided to stay.  The food is very good, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Who would have ever thought you could find that kind of restaurant in Congress, AZ—things on the menu such as crab cakes (very good), mussels, steaks, and a full wine list. 

IMG_1677 Someone’s play on words out in the desert.  It looks as if someone set up a little camp—tables, stools, charcoal grill, campfire ring with cooking grate—and the whole thing is probably illegal on government land.  We stumbled across it while out walking this morning.


  1. Good morning....we are sitting at MM 99 south of Quartzsite. We arrived around 3 pm and found a nice little spot to spend the nite. It's only an hour drive from here to Yuma.
    We're so happy you're enjoying our favorite "room" in our little house. Please make yourself at home and ENJOY!!!
    You will be amazed at Box Canyon. It's quite an Oasis in the desert.
    Hugs to both of you........Pat

  2. Yep, I agree with everything Ms Pat said and if you guys are still there when we get back I will be HAPPY!!! If you are GONE, I'll be sad, but please hurry back!

  3. Sounds like a pretty fancy menu for a restaurant way out in the desert! Glad to hear the food was good too!

  4. Cool picture of Jaxon Whole. Looks like someone is very creative.


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