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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Off We Go

On a really warm Arizona morning we got busy and started loading and packing.  Loading the jeep into this trailer was way easier than loading our little sports car into the former trailer last year—lots more wiggle room in this trailer.

We were pulling out of North Ranch by 10am and pulled into our spot here just before 5pm.  We stopped in Gila Bend for fuel and lunch—don’t you just love traveling in a RV—I fixed a lunch much better for us than fast food.  Of course Michael did have to have his required traveling food—Cheetos!  Fuel was $3.86 and we needed 110 gallons, OUCH! 

This is an incredibly quiet spot and it is cooler here than northwest of Phoenix—bet we sleep well tonight. 

IMG_6072 Remember this bridge Linda??  Several years ago, friends Jim and Linda drove up to North Ranch from Tombstone to visit us for a week.  I gave them directions to come over some back roads.  At the time, Jim and Linda had a Raptor toyhauler which was over 13 feet tall.  The height of this bridge according to the sign is 13 feet 6 inches.  Jim got out, climbed the ladder up the back of the 5th wheel and rode there watching the clearance as Linda drove the rig across the bridge.  Every time we cross that bridge I remember this story—it always gives us a good laugh.

IMG_6077 IMG_6078 Sunset over the Mule Mountains. 


  1. love the 'bridge story'..thanks for the 'smile'!!
    glad to hear that the trailer is working out for you!!

  2. The story about the bridge... that is SO funny. I would SO do that! Clearances scare me.

  3. We were going to stop by to see you after we picked up the trailer yesterday morning but you were already gone. How far did you go yesterday? We miss you. :-(
    Hugs....Pat and Mike

  4. What a good story about the bridge - enjoy your travels. It is going to get pretty warm here this week, but it still feels so-o-o-o good.

  5. That's a heck of a fill-up to have to pay for! The bridge story is funny, I can see doing that for sure.

  6. Funny bridge story- I guess I would do the same if I thought is was close.


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