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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wiring Success

My husband is a happy man tonight, he found wires, didn’t have to string wires 40 feet from one end of this coach to the other and got the brake controller installed under the dash.  Tomorrow he will wire the trailer—the wires are there for the brakes but someone has unhooked those wires from the plug—??

I was basically a bum today except for holding the flashlight at strategic times when the air got a little blue around here.  I did wash the sheets and hang them on Pat’s clothesline—can’t wait to go to bed tonight, I love sheets that smell of the outdoors.

And I did cook two meals, one, chicken on the little Weber charcoal grill with potatoes and broccoli.  For dinner we used leftover taco meat for a taco salad for me and tacos for Michael.

Emmi and I took a couple extra walks around the park this afternoon, too.  Our walk this morning led us all the way down to where the BLM land meets the private land toward Congress.  We ran into some wildlife that looked surprisingly well fed considering how little there is to eat in the desert.IMG_6061 IMG_6063 IMG_6056




  1. Now that Mike is experience he should stop here at Dogpound South and find the wires in my harness for the trailer brakes. After reading about his search I am thinking I should start mine early, or maybe just buy everything I need to bypass the factory wiring and see if that flushes it out of hiding.

  2. suicide hill looks like a good workout!..glad all the wiring got done..we wish you very little 'blue air' tomorrow with the next phase of the install!

  3. I see why they call it Suicide Hill!!! Great photos.

  4. Good job, I just had electrical work, maybe because I am so bad at it.

  5. Good NEW'S,,,Glad to hear it Mike.


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