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Monday, March 7, 2011

A Trip To Surprise

Before we can load the jeep into the trailer and haul it we needed a few things and decided Surprise might be the place to go.  It is under 60 miles to Surprise from Congress and we took off about 10am this morning leaving poor Miss Emmi home alone. 

We purchased crank straps and water proof wiring connectors as Michael has given up the search for extra wiring in the motorhome and is just going to run a length of wire from the dash to the rear trailer wiring plug. 

Made a stop at Sam’s Club and got fresh blackberries, blueberries and strawberries along with a cart full of other stuff such as exciting chlorox wipes!  Unfortunately Sam’s Club had not received our trailer tires as of yet. 

Lunch was at TGI Friday’s and it was OK.  We then headed home to release Miss Emmi from prison.  She let us know in no uncertain terms that she was very unhappy—she really does very well being left alone, she just doesn’t like it!

The wind is howling here at North Ranch and reading everyone else’s blogs it seems to be blowing everywhere in AZ today.



  1. I'm wondering if those little towns in AZ are as interesting as their names? Sounds like fun, visiting all those places. Hope the wind dies down soon. Enjoyed your post.

  2. Remember on route to SE AZ we have a spot for you here at Dogpound South. Just in case Sam's takes a while installing those tires.

    Nice picture on the blog, the desert is really greening up out that way.

  3. Windy over here in the Parker area as well. We are heading to Surprise later this week. Enjoying Arizona!

  4. It was windy and chilly in Arkansas today. Sad day for the Johnson girls but they seem to be doing pretty good.

  5. seems to be a 'winne the pooh' kind of day!..blustery!!!
    sorry to hear that Emmi was 'annoyed' with being left out of the fun today!!

  6. Not a 'surprise' about the tires? :)

  7. The wind has been blowing here in Desert Hot Springs all day too. It's supposed to ease up tomorrow. Our muttzo's hate being left home alone too.

  8. We are very lucky to have shopping areas pretty close and convenient to North Ranch. It's 60 miles to Surprise and there's every store you need there..Sam's, Costco, huge Walmarts, Trader Joe's, and Arrowhead Mall with all the usual Sears, JC Penney's, etc. Then, you can go 40 miles north to Prescott and find the same stores there. We love our little home in the desert.
    Ms MegaByte doesn't like to be left alone either but I'm pretty sure she just sleeps the whole time we're gone. :-)


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