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Monday, March 21, 2011

We Just Thought We Had Wind

Yesterday it was windy, today it was scary!  The wind howled, dust blew everywhere, the mountains disappeared behind dust clouds and everything rattled.  You could hardly stand up when going outside—it was hard to hold onto the door of the RV.  A thoroughly miserable day—one we spent inside!

IMG_6227 The Swisshelms with a cloud of dust and the dust blowing outside the motorhome.IMG_6233

We did manage a short walk before the gusts really started but we all came back with grit in our teeth, including Emmi!

Michael finished the taxes today, we will ship them off to our accountant tomorrow.  I cut out a little wall hanging—another one of those patterns where the author thinks you are a genius with mind reading skills.  The fabric requirements called for way too much fabric—what a waste.  Cutting directions followed no order and were extremely confusing.  Nowhere in the pattern does it tell  you what size your finished blocks should be—just a frustrating project! 

As for the chocolate bread, Michael and I have decided that isn’t a recipe I will repeat!  When you see the bread your mind thinks cake, when you taste the stuff you think, “that is sure strange tasting cake—kind of flat tasting.”  But, I had to try it!  It smelled good while cooking!

IMG_6234 And it looked pretty!

That’s it for our windy, windy day here in southern Arizona.  While out on our walk we ran into Jeanie and Ray as they were coming in to do some work on a nearby home—they brought us eggs, guess Emmi didn’t scare their chickens too much!


  1. Not much else to do when the wind blows like that but hunker down and wait it out.

    Too bad about the chocolate bread but at least you got to enjoy the chocolate fragrance!

  2. I love windy days, but I usually like to be inside watching the trees and bushes blowing. Definitely not out in dust clouds!

    The bread looks wonderful, too bad the taste didn't live up to it's good looks. :(

  3. We spent the day inside too because of the miserable wind!!

  4. ALL our slides were pulled in and my goodness it was terrible wind. We were blessed this evening with a double rainbow! I hope your wind cleared up late today.

  5. I remember that type of wind!! Not much fun. I have made all kinds of artisan bread but never really liked it so I went back to my old recipe. I hope the wind dies down soon so you can hike again.

  6. It was colder here but not so windy yesterday. Looks like all you guys in AZ really got blasted yesterday! Wow!

    That chocolate bread sure looks good anyway!

  7. I'd like to say the weather was great here at Dogpound South, but, that would be a bit of an exaggeration. The wind howled, the dust flew, and we had the big slide pulled in most of the day and the TV Dish tucked away.

    However the rain that followed was welcome as my rock still needs a little soaking to settle and set up right. Now if the rain would only come before the wind instead of after this pesky dust would not be driving Brenda crazy.

  8. Maybe you should cast your bread to the wind! :)

  9. We lucked out and didn't get much wind. And today the sun is shining. Love this AZ weather.

  10. Your comment on the chocolate bread made me laugh. I made some - a gorgeous loaf - many years (15?) ago. I felt just like you - it was beautiful, and set your mouth watering... until you tasted it. If your brain/mouth hadn't been expecting chocolate cake, it would have been good, but I was unable to "adjust my expectation" to meet reality. It needs chocolate frosting!

  11. seems to be a common subject today!..the wind!..sorry to hear about the chocolate sounded good when you mentioned it yesterday!..
    happy quilting!!..or at least try to figure out the dang pattern!1


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