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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thanks Once Again Al

If not for Al of the Bayfield Bunch and his photo taking, we would never have found Fort Rucker.  Michael remembered a photo Al had taken of the entrance gate—we drove, drove and were about to give up thinking we had missed the driveway when all of a sudden Michael said, “that’s it.” 

We spent a very enjoyable time wandering around the old buildings and grounds.  IMG_1717 This sign explains most of what Fort Rucker is about—it started as a military outpost named for Lt. John Rucker who drowned while attempting to save a fellow soldier.  After the military relinquished the post it became ranch headquarters for three different ranching families.  It must have been a hard ranching life—the spot is definitely out in the middle of nowhere!

We then drove over the mountain to the San Bernardino Valley northeast of Douglas through Tex Canyon—absolutely gorgeous scenery.  It was just a great, great day in the southwest!  Thanks Al and Kelly!!! 

IMG_1706 IMG_1709 First glimpse of the site—the barn.

 IMG_1719 I think the ruins are the old bakery and commissary—the little building in the background we weren’t sure—we stumbled upon a grumpy old horned cow that even my cowboy husband didn’t want to annoy!!

IMG_1721 One sturdy fence which is probably original to one of the ranch homesteads.IMG_1716 Shortly after I took this photo we encountered the grumpy cow!  Earlier we drove into a USFS campground and noticed a sign that said, “Bear Country.”  My thoughts were, “yea, right, in Arizona??  Well, while strolling around the Fort Rucker grounds we saw several piles of probable bear poop!!!

The Fort was such a different environment—cooler with large live oak and cedar trees everywhere.  There was even a little water in the creek.

IMG_1720 Emmi enjoyed the trip today, too!

This is just a pleasant place where we are parked, quiet—so quiet and Al, the bird feeders are full!


  1. The Bayfield Bunch are a 'wealth of information'!..thanks for sharing your lovely photos from today!..nice tour once again of Fort Rucker!!

  2. I'll bet you're glad you ran into the cow instead of a bear!! Looks like a great place and so peaceful.

  3. Great pictures of the ruins and the old buildings - felt just like being there! Nice job!

  4. That's great you found old Fort Rucker. The ranch house there near the barn is where Mary Kidder Rak lived with her husband Charlie when she wrote the book, A Cowman's Wife. So glad you are enjoying your quiet spot, we sure did when we were there. Careful now, that place could grow on you just as it did on us:))

  5. You guys should feel right at home with the "bears"... just like Montana. :-) Nice pictures of the Fort. Have fun!

  6. Heh heh I know where you are!

    I gotta get the next book too... something like "Mountain Cattle"?

    (ps there is more birdseed in the black garbage can by the carport)

    Haha we know where you are! We sure loved wandering around Old Fort Rucker. Now I gotta get her next book, "Mountain Cattle?


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