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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday In The Desert

We took a walk this morning and ran into Jeanie and Ray on their way in to work on the house project.

Some chores such as vacuuming (oh, joy) and mopping occupied the rest of the morning.  Grilled hamburgers and pineapple for lunch and then a drive—that’s the extent of this last Sunday in the desert.  About Tuesday we are going to start our meander north.  Hopefully we will get to take in some sights on the way and not just tear off for home!  I am NOT ready to give up my flip flops!

The trees are starting to leaf out and people are planting things outside down here in Elfrida—we won’t have leaves on our trees in Montana until mid May or later and you sure better not plant anything outside until Memorial Day weekend. 

IMG_1806 IMG_1807 We think this is an abandoned orchard and these are fruit trees of some kind. 

Off to sit on the porch and listen to the birds.


  1. happy Sunday to you both!!!..enjoy the sounds of the birds!!

  2. We're leaving Tuesday, but think it's still too early up there! It's not even hot here, so decisions, decisions.....we see all the pecan trees have been drastically trimmed in anticipation of new growth.

  3. You sound sad about leaving - it does seem like you just got there. But what a great time you guys had! I've enjoyed reading all about your adventures. What a beautiful location. Just drive home slowly, with lots of overnight stops.

  4. I can't believe you're already thinking about heading north to MT. It's way too early IMO. We won't start heading back until May. I really really really don't like the cold. In another few weeks the desert should really be pretty with all it's blooms.

  5. Meander on over to Dogpound South and we'll try to slow your northern wanderings.

  6. I think Richard, the original owner had that place looking very spiffy in it's day. Lots of trees & lots of irrigation lines to water them all at one time. Nice purple blossoms. I don't think I really knew they were fruit trees but the buds sure suggest that.

  7. I agree with taking lots of time to get back home. If you have to rush, then maybe you should have left earlier.


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