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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Did I Do Today??

It’s been one of those kind of days leaving you wondering what it was you accomplished!  We did take a nice long walk rather late in the morning—both of us spent time on the computers this morning.

Got back from the walk, jumped in the jeep and took a drive to see if we could find a parcel of land we saw advertised.  Yep, we found it but it would take a big 4-wheel drive to get to it!  So much for that idea!

And, don’t we all know better than to deal with the Walton family??? Day six from when we ordered the tires and wheels and still no tires and wheels.  The young man who placed the order for us promised we as in “us” would have the tires and rims in 5-7 days.  They sure are cutting it close!

John left a comment suggesting Michael come and hook up his trailer brake wiring—John, there is a link at the left to “remote control trailer brakes—Michael says that’s what he is doing next time!!

Lunch was refrigerator leftovers, I vacuumed, did a load of laundry and gave myself a pedicure.  And I guess that’s all we did today!

IMG_6067 Emmi is extremely attached to Michael’s lap, she will bug him to death until he moves the laptop off to the side so she can get in her spot—she’s not spoiled!

Had some very exiting news today from my friend Caryl who lives here in Congress—I quilted a quilt for her this fall and this past weekend she told me she had entered that quilt in the Arizona Quilter’s Guild annual quilt show.  I about panicked—I’ve never entered a quilt or had a client enter a quilt into a juried show.  She received a message from the Guild stating her quilt had won a prize—they won’t tell her what the quilt won until the awards ceremony Thursday afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited—even if the judges criticize my quilting it will be a great learning experience.  I’m trying to talk Michael into going to Mesa so I can see the quilt at the show!!! 

Caryl's Quilt Front Caryl's Quilt Front Center Detail Caryl's Quilt Center Detail


  1. Congratulations on the quilt winning a ribbon and I know your quilting on it is beautiful. I will be sure to get a picture when I see it on Saturday. We are heading that way tomorrow.

  2. Beautiful quilt.
    I wonder what it won.
    You are so talented.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. Although I have only spent an hour looking and others assure me that the wires are there, if I don't find them tomorrow I am going to order that brake controller. I don't deal well with

  4. Janna...if that is the quilt you entered?..I vote for a blue first prize ribbon!..just beautiful!..just as beautiful as the one you made for Ellie!! are a talented quilter!

  5. OMG...your kidding that quilt is beautiful...I bet it gets the Grand prize!


  6. Janna........the quilt is beautiful. If you didn't win 1st place, you should have. Congratulations. Looks like we will see you on Friday! :-)


    It certainly deserves a prize !


  8. I'm sure that quilt will probably win you a 1st prize - it should anyway! Congrats.


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