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Friday, March 18, 2011

Decisions Made

“I have a question for you and others.  If you folks are so crazy about boon docking, why does it seem so many of you are looking for property” says Judy.

“interesting question that Judy asked..can't wait to hear the answer!.” says Doug and Sue 

“I’ve been wondering the same thing Judy but was afraid to ask, so thanks for jumping in the ‘Bear Pit’ and saving me from doing so!” says Rick 

OK, I am speaking only for myself and Michael.  We owned property near Benson at one time in a development called Dragoon Mountain Ranch, 40 acres.  We sold that property after deciding home owners associations weren’t for us.  As we have traveled around Arizona through the years the thought of owning property has always been with us, I think that is just the way we are, we see some spot that is beautiful and think, “gosh it would be nice to own property there.” 

Part of the fun for us is in the looking, I (Janna) am able to occupy myself by sewing, quilting and reading.  Michael has a harder time occupying himself when in the motorhome—thus the perceived need to own property.  Michael loves a project and a piece of property with buildings needing built is a project we both would love to tackle.

But……..we both spent some sleepless hours last night and some discussion today—do we need another piece of property, do we need another house and both came up with the answer, NO!!!  We can enjoy all the beauty the southwest has to offer from the comfort of our extremely comfortable motorhome, soon to be more comfortable with the addition of solar panels.  Maybe we need to get out and sight see more, maybe we can’t sit in one spot for months on end as we did in Bouse—we will have to try and find activities to keep both of us busy while enjoying the southwest. 

OK, enough of that question.  This afternoon we were invited to Ray and Jeanie’s for late lunch early dinner.  Do you ever meet people with whom you develop an instant rapport—Jeanie and Ray are those people.  We spent one of the most enjoyable afternoons ever spent today—getting to see their beautiful place, eating Jeanie and Ray’s cooking and drinking some fine wine!  And I got to see Jeanie’s quilting.  A perfect day, absolutely perfect.  Jeanie has a special way with animals and introduced Emmi to their dogs Pearce and Gleeson so that everything was just right.  We met the wandering donkeys and the chickens.

And on the way home were treated to an awesome sunset!

IMG_1773 IMG_1778 Can I eat that rooster???IMG_1765 “What are those things, Mom?”IMG_1761 IMG_1787 IMG_1786

IMG_1793 Moon rising over the Swisshelms.  Life is good!


  1. Thanks for taking my question in the spirit it was asked. I certainly did not think I was asking anything to get me in a bear pit. I was just curious. I know you can't speak for others, and I appreciate your honest response.

    I always thought that when I hit the road I would be the boondocking type, but it just hasn't turned out that way. :)

  2. Great to see those photos of the gang at the Ranch. We have sooooo many great memories from there over the past few years.

    Kelly & I totally understand & agree with your way of thinking & I can sure identify with Mike & his thoughts.

    Good for you guys in getting outfitted with Solar. You can now come out & spend some quality time with good old Mother Nature:))

  3. yes...your life is good!..looks like all three of you had a great day!!!..and thanks for answering our 'inquiring question'

  4. The need to own "property" seems to be on our mind a lot lately also. It seems like it would be nice to have some type of home base. We already own an RV lot, but recently think about having a park model. It's fun to think about the choices we have since retiring. We know we definitely don't want a real house again. Luckily there is no reason to have to make a decision any time soon. Good topic for thoughts and discussions.

  5. I say do whatever makes you both feel good!! :-) Life is short so enjoy it while you can. We love our new porch. The tile is really nice. If you come back this direction on your way home, stop in for a few days and we'll enjoy a few Happy Hours out there. Mike is feeling MUCH BETTER and the weather is really nice.
    Hugs to both of you..........Pat

  6. Yep it is certainly each to his or her own. Brenda and I love spending time in the desert away from the hubbub of towns. But when we originally started coming to Arizona those wide vista and rugged mountains called to us to leave some tracks through them. Now back home near Dogpound North our preferred method of leaving tracks is on horseback and the plan has all along been to find a little place we can call our southern headquarters and bring some horses down and leave some tracks in these hills. Dogpound South allows that dream to come true.

  7. Thanks for the clear and detailed response, Janna. Much appreciated. It's nice to see this topic talked about without all the heated emotion it sometimes generates.

    There are always going to be RV'ers who love boondocking and those who love RV resorts. It's nice to hear the reasons explained in a logical way as you have done.


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