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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Day In the Desert

Not much of anything going on around here today except chores.  Got all the laundry finished, the wind tried to force me into re-washing half the clothes—so windy it kept blowing my blue jeans off the line! 

We had leftovers for lunch and just whiled away the afternoon with computers and reading.  Late in the afternoon we decided to watch a movie—it was so absolutely great—loaned to us by Gina and Rollie.  It was called Facing The Giants and while I doubt it was ever a hit movie, it was just what Michael and I needed today.

After the movie we took Miss Emmi for a walk and watched the sun go down on another desert day—see I told you not much going on around here!

IMG_6174-1 recycled photo even!


  1. Everybody needs quiet days once in awhile. It recharges the system. Enjoy!!

  2. Just found your blog...great pics. We too have seen Facing the Giants -- wonderful movie based on a true story.

    Marilyn McMillan

  3. sometimes even 'ordinary days are blogworthy!..hope Michael is feeling better today!!..enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

  4. I love sunset photos, even recycled ones.

  5. Sounds like it might be getting time to roll out for some new horizons.

  6. Pretty much the same kind of day we had only our movie, The American, was terrible! Glad I only paid a $1 to rent it.


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