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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Visit With Montana Friends

With hopes for getting the tires from Wal Mart we headed out this morning for Sun City.  Our friends John and Peg from back home in Montana purchased a home in Sun City last year and had invited us down to see their place and for lunch.

Their beautiful home sits right on a golf course with great views.  Peg made a wonderful lunch of taco salads, Mexican cornbread and chocolate cake—really good chocolate cake!  We had a great time visiting and eating plus watching our two dogs.  Peg and John have the schnauzer Banjo who is blind but does very, very well.  Banjo was a little miffed at having this youngster Emmi invade his household but he coped!

IMG_1681 IMG_1687 Emmi is a little wary of that plastic owl—that is a rosemary bush in front of her, smelled so good and Peg gave me some clippings to take back.IMG_1690 Banjo checking out the brat!

IMG_1683 Michael and John

IMG_1696 Peg and John

IMG_1686 Their view—that is artificial grass in their yard that looks really good!

Well, couldn’t get Sam’s Club on the phone so after we left Peg and John’s we drove over—the tires came but they forgot to order the rims.  Needless to say, Michael told them to keep the tires.  We have an appointment with Big O Tire in Wickenburg tomorrow morning which is what we should have done in the first place!

Mike and Pat are having their screened porch floor tiled and the guys started today—Mike and Pat, you are going to love it!!


  1. That is the kind of grass I would like to have, no cutting!

  2. Bummer about the experience at Sam's Club.

  3. Emmi looks like she was having a great time..not too sure about poor Banjo though!..what a lovely home your friends have!..nice view!!

  4. Anxious to get home and see the progress. It's been a long 4 days but we got through it,,,Heading back in the morning.
    Hope big "O" gets you fixed up...
    See ya tomorrow, Lord willin!

  5. YAY!!! Can't wait to get home to see what they've done. We'll be leaving here as soon as we can get things ready to go. Hope to be home sometime this afternoon. I'll call you later.
    Your friends have a beautiful home and the lunch sounded wonderful.
    Sorry to hear about the rims and tires. Bummer! :-( Looks like my Mike might get his wish after all. :-)

  6. Sure looks like you had a great day and that chocolate cake sounded good too!

    I had to laugh reading about Banjo being miffed at Emmi's presence as I had a similar situation here yesterday when Rylie was 'miffed' about a 10 month old puppy, Kaslo, that I was dog-sitting!


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