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Friday, March 25, 2011

Dinner Party In The Desert

We took a nice long walk this morning, Michael worked on some “fix it” motorhome projects and I cooked.

I baked bread, made a new cheesecake recipe and got all the other stuff ready for Jeanie and Ray who came over when they were finished working at the house across the road.  The house belonged to an elderly woman whose time for living way out in the country had ended—her children moved her back home near where they all live.  The house and 20 acres was for sale but in this day and age of real estate transactions, little is selling in this area.  Jeanie and Ray had a friend who needed a home, she agreed to lease the place and it was taken off the market.  Jeanie and Ray are providing the manpower for a sprucing up of the home—thus they are spending many days across the road from us working.

About 3pm they drove in the driveway, we enjoyed a glass of wine on the porch and then moved inside the motorhome for dinner.  Pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes with rosemary, Laurie’s brussel sprouts/carrots/onions/pears and homemade bread.  For dessert this cheesecake—chocolate/marbled cheesecake.  The food was all delicious—really, really good!IMG_6298 When Jeanie and Ray left to go home to feed the chickens and dogs, I took Miss Emmi for a walk and we listened to the coyotes sing to us.  Michael is having a not so great day today.


  1. Your dinner sounds wonderful. I tried Laurie's recipe too it was great. Let those coyotes sing you to sleep...I love wild sounds.

  2. dinner sounds like it was delicious!!..sorry to hear that Michael is not having a good day!..hope tomorrow is better!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful evening (except for Michael not feeling well) .... aren't Jeanie and Ray the BEST?

  4. I hope Mikels problem is nothing serious.........I'm feeling better and doing more everyday. Still hurting by day's end , but I'm off all med's (even Advil) and today is my last visit to PT,,,,,,Our best to you guys!

  5. Wow...that was some dinner. You are a fantastic "chef". Sorry to hear Michael is not feeling good. Anything we can do?

  6. So sorry that Michael did not have a good day. Hope it's better today. Your cheesecake picture just about did me in. Looks scrumptious.


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