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Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Property Searching

In today’s real estate market you sometimes wonder if the sellers are clueless or is it the real estate people who are clueless????  I called a realtor about a 20 acre bare land parcel (no well, no septic, power at the lot line) and when she told me the price of $150,000 I burst out laughing—I think I offended the woman.  There are places here in this area for sale—40 acres and a house for less than that!  Guess that seller will be keeping that particular piece of land!

I swear, you find friends in the strangest places—we had lunch in Sunizona today and on the way out stopped to read the bulletin board—look who we foundIMG_1757

After bumping along over lots of rough dusty roads we came home to relax.  Sat on the porch and took some more photos of the birds—I need help with the yellow ones, Judy—are they lesser goldfinches??

IMG_6197 I think the red guy saying, “hey you, are you taking my picture” is a house finch.IMG_6206


  1. You nailed both species perfectly! :)

  2. I have a question for you and others. If you folks are so crazy about boon docking, why does it seem so many of you are looking for property?

  3. We want to Boondock on our own land! At at these prices, a person can't resist looking for that place in the sun...or shade for that matter.

  4. interesting question that Judy asked..can't wait to hear the answer!..nice bird shots today, Janna!..and as for the 'business card?'..made me smile! nice to a 'blogging buddy on a bulletin board'!!

  5. I guess that property will remain unsold for quite some time. Those were just 'birds' to me - not a clue here!

  6. We thought the prices were out of whack around there too but most everyone else seemed to think they were reasonable. Nice to see all the birdie guys at the feeders. I felt so sad when we left there thinking of all the hungry little birds in the morning. The folks at Sandy's in Sunizona must have put our card on the bulletin board. I had left it beside the cash register. That's kinda cool:))

  7. Hi Janna, love your blog. Where are you camping that you have a porch? You mention it several times in recent posts, and I thought you were boondocking. Curious minds want to know.

  8. Are you seriously shopping for property??? I like living in my sticks house but I loved getting away for the winter to be in the sun. Not too much sun here in the winter ☺


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