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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Over The Hill and Through The Woods To Portal

We’ve taken the drive from the Chiricahua National Monument entrance over the mountain to the tiny little spot of Portal once before but decided today was the day to do it again.

It is a spectacular drive—the elevation allows for pine forest, live oak trees and snow!

 IMG_6277 IMG_6279 The wind was blowing up there and it was dang cold—we ate our picnic sitting in the jeep in the sun!

IMG_6275 We saw javelina and deer.  When we took this trip a few years back the creeks were running with water, today there was barely a trickle—the live oak trees are looking stressed, this country could use some rain.

IMG_6278 IMG_6281

IMG_6287 We took a side trip to Paradise which appears to be a community of summer homes and made a stop at the Paradise Cemetery—if you have to be buried, this would be a beautiful spot to be planted--IMG_6291  IMG_6290 We even found some tombstones with the name “Bliss”—Michael’s great-great uncle’s last name was Bliss.  The cemetery is still being used and also has some really old graves, some marked only with a little cross and the words, “Mexican, unknown.”

IMG_6294 Cathedral Mountains looming over the little spot of Portal, AZ.  The little store and cafe are for sale—nice spot if anyone is looking for a remote job!

IMG_6295 It was another one of those great retirement days!  We pulled back into our little spot of desert about 5pm and I fixed us a quick supper—now we are both kicked back on the computers.


  1. a 'blissful' day for you all!!..great shots from the viewpoints!!

  2. It was right near that Onion Saddle sign that we stopped a couple years ago for a short walk & that is the spot where we decided 'we need a Jeep:)) That's a super drive up & over the Chiricahuas to Portal. I'm already wishing we weren't on our way home & yes, that Paradise Cemetery is a quiet little place. You can also go right over the Chiricahuas by going right past old Fort Rucker on the Tex Canyon Road. Another great drive....ohhhhh I'm getting homesick for the southwest already & we haven't even left yet.

  3. Beautiful country and pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful day in "Paradise". Hugs to both of you....

  4. Wonderful pictures, very scenic. thanks for sharing.

  5. Well, between you and Al, I am wishing we had time to get that far east in Arizona. Maybe next time. But at least I will get to see Bisbee this time around.


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