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Monday, January 31, 2011

Gonna Get Cold

Had what was probably our last outdoor happy hour for a few days here at our rig tonight—the wind that blew all day is blowing cold weather our way—down in the twenties at night!!!  Sure am glad we have our little Pro-Com propane blue flame heater! 

I love snack type food and tonight the offerings were great!  Jim and Ellie brought cheese and crackers, Deb and Rod brought this amazing salmon dip made from salmon they caught while in Alaska last summer, Mike and Pat brought deviled eggs (one of my Mike’s favorite things), John and Brenda brought a Mexican type dip as did Rollie and Gina.  Dave came over from his side of the mountain and brought these jalapenos stuffed with cheese and chicken wrapped in bacon.  Sylvia and Glen arrived late after their sightseeing trip to Lake Havasu and brought chips and cheese dip.  Michael and I provided the buttermilk margaritas, little smoky sausages sautéed in barbeque sauce, beer and brown sugar, and cream cheese covered with jalapeno jelly made by my sister Ann and her husband Danny.  We certainly won’t need any dinner!!! 

Our walk this morning was windy but good—we did about 5-6 miles all the way around the mountains.  IMG_5701 Little Emmi hitching a ride with Dad and Emmi and me sitting on one of the dry waterfalls. 

IMG_5702 It was another great day in the desert, John and Brenda are leaving tomorrow for about a week—heading over to the Phoenix area to visit friends.  I think Glen and Sylvia are heading out soon and the rest of us are going to batten down the hatches and stay warm!

So far, so good—my new Straight Talk phone from Wal Mart is working very well!


  1. your last outdoor happy hour sounded delicious!..nice when it winds up being a 'potluck' and a good one at that!!..hope the cold weather doesn't stick around for too long!

  2. Wow the "snackers" sound yummy! Good food, good friends, what more do you need? Love the photos of little Emmi.

  3. Looks like we are all in for some cold weather, stay warm.

  4. You guys even make appetizers sound like a full 5 course meal - amazing! Hope it doesn't get too cold out there over the next few days!


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