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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Leaving San Antonio Behind

We were saying our “see you in a couple of weeks,” to Jim and Ellie and heading down the road by 10:30 this morning, toward El Paso.  Leaving San Antonio

It has been a totally uneventful day traveling across west Texas—jeez it takes a long time to get across Texas!  Not much to look at but West Texas windmills, mesquite and hills.  I am posting an early blog because we intend to stop for the night in Van Horne which is out in the middle of nowhere—so we may not have any internet connections.

Emmi has become such a good traveling dog on this trip—she wanders for a little while when we get started but then curls up on the couch and sleeps.  I think she likes the new couch as much as we do!!

I’ve been kept busy supplying Michael with Cheetoes and bottles of water.  I’ve also been hand sewing the binding on the quilt I made for our bed. 

JB and Brenda commented that while in a Safeway store in the Phoenix area they noticed a sign that said ,”shingles vaccine available.”  Maybe we can just go to our local grocery store and get a vaccine???  And Max, thank you for your comments about your rheumatoid arthritis treatment and hope those shingles go away soon.  My little brother Ross recently had shingles (he is 49 which is young to have shingles) and he was miserable for several weeks. 

We have about 100 miles to go today, YEA!


  1. Strange eh! But Safeway does have a pharmacy and they are my supplier of choice back home. Although I get them from my doc I know they also do flu shots at most of the pharmacies in Canada.

    If you are stopping at Chuy's I had the Combo plate and it was good!

    And the internet was good there too.

  2. Tell Mike I had a Cheetoes once but it ran out of gas & the wheels fell off:))

  3. Definitely try for the shingles vaccine. I have had shingles a few years ago and was in pain for over 2 months. I have never been the same after. Heck of a lousy thing to get. Good luck.

  4. My brother had shingle in his early forties I guess we come from bad Genes lol. Are you stopping here?

    Brenda Brown

  5. safe travels as you head towards El are not the first one to comment on the size of the state of Texas..big and even bigger!!

  6. I guess the vaccine indicates that we are fast approaching the "one stop shop" of the future... K

  7. Wouldn't that be interesting to be able to get shingles vaccine at a Safeway? Good luck with your continued travels.

  8. Janna, I was just reading your post about Mike needing to get a Shingles vaccine. I was at the Dr. on Tuesday and he told me I needed to do that and he wrote a prescription and told me to go to the local Kroger's. He said they care them and they don't in the office. So I am off to do that 1st of next week. Good luck finding one. You might also try a local pharmacy. Enjoying your travels, love your pictures of Emmi! Travel safe!

  9. The CDC suggests anyone over 60 who doesn't have an auto-immune deficiency or disease or specific allergies to the components of the vaccine, or are being or were recently treated with high dose steroids, should have the vaccine if they have had chicken pox, chicken pox vaccine or have had shingles. The drawback is cost - usually greater than $220. Medicare Part D will cover but Part B will not? If the cost is close or less, then Safeway might be the way to go.


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